What vitamins are contained in olive oil

Olive oil is a product of plant origin and, therefore, contains a great number of necessary for the human body, "unsaturated" fats and vitamins.Most likely, everyone knows that olive oil must be produced by the method of cold pressing.If this method has been violated, then we can not say with certainty that in the given product retains all the vitamins and nutrients.

What vitamins contained in olive oil

Virgin olive oil, cold pressed has a large number of monounsaturated fatty acids.This oil contains oleic acid, which is more than 70% of the total fatty acids.At the same time, olive oil includes about 10% linoleic acid, about 15% saturated fatty acids.Furthermore, olive oil contains a variety of compounds, such as squalene, sterol, terpene alcohols, tocopherols, polyphenols.Also the olive oil contained in a vitamin complex, which includes the vitamins A, D, E. eating, olive oil in the human body will decrease in blood cholesterol levels.In addition, vitamin E works to improve the assimilation of vi

tamins by the body.

beneficial properties of olive oil

  • helps to normalize high blood pressure;
  • helps reduce the number of fat cells, which are involved in clot formation;
  • helps fight against free radicals that contribute to aging of cells and the appearance of cancer;
  • helps in the healing of ulcers, damaged tissue, bruises, insect bites;
  • cautions biliary tract dysfunction.

How to choose the olive oil with the maximum amount of vitamins

The quality olive oil can be no cholesterol drops.If the package you will see the label the "no cholesterol" - Be 100% sure that it's just the next move of the company to as much as possible to sell the goods.Buying olive oil, be careful and vigilant.Often, manufacturers of the stores do not deliver pure olive oil.Therefore, before you buy it thoroughly familiarize yourself with the structure.And if it says that olive oil has some impurities, simply set it aside.Also remember that olive oil should be yellow, so be careful not to buy fakes.