Herbal treatment of internal bleeding

Internal bleeding is often the case after an injury.In any case, the internal bleeding should immediately consult a doctor, but treatment of internal bleeding herbs can be conducted at home under the supervision of a physician.

internal bleeding Herbal treatment - gastric bleeding

need to rest in a quiet environment.Apply a lotion on her stomach with ice and let the patient swallow a few pieces of ice.Tea from shepherd's purse is the perfect tool.The bleeding can be stopped by drinking one cup.Also helping virgin hazelnut leaves, wild alum root, the root of Polygonum snake, raspberry leaves and sumac.Boil a teaspoon of herbs cup of boiling water and leave for thirty minutes, then strain and drink.Gastric bleeding often leads to ulcers, tumors and inflammations.

Pulmonary hemorrhage - herbal therapy

Poparte legs and, if possible, try to refrain from coughing.Tea made from hemlock wood with the addition of a pinch of cayenne pepper can stop the bleeding almost immediately.Use the same herbs that

and gastric bleeding.The cause of the blood spitting could be lung cancer.

uterine bleeding Treatment of herbs

Lie down on the bed and lift, foot.Douche tea from the bark or root of Polygonum snake.You can use herbal powders or granules.Brew a tablespoon of a quart of boiling water and leave for a few minutes.If possible, use a spiral syringe;if it does not use the usual.It also helps the tea, infused with raspberry leaves, oak bark, bark or root of virgin hazelnut Wild alum.If you use granulated herb brew two tablespoons a quart of boiling water, leave for twenty minutes;let settle, strain and drink as hot as possible.

bleeding between periods or after menopause may be a sign of serious problems, and in this case it is necessary to consult a doctor.

internal bleeding Herbal treatment - intestinal bleeding

comply with bed rest.Put the patient an enema from the root of wild alum.You can use white oak bark or leaves raspberries.With the help of an enema, enter two or three ounces of tea;the liquid must be held inside for as long as possible.Repeat the procedure.You can insist on a shepherd's bag tea, raspberry leaves, the root of Polygonum snake, hazel Virginia, or sumac.

Nosebleeds - herbal therapy

Prepare tea from goldenseal Canadian, brew one teaspoon of a pint of boiling water.Insist for a few minutes, let cool and settle, then retract the tea through the nostrils.Sometimes, pressure or cold wash on the nape of the neck to help stop the excessive flow of blood to the head.Repeat several times with tea per day.If you do it carefully and correctly, the bleeding will pass quickly.If epistaxis also helps tea, infused with a combination of alum root wild, raspberry leaf, leaves virgin hazelnut and white oak bark, as these herbs have astringent properties.Average nosebleeds can be stopped, tightly gripping both nostrils for 3-5 minutes.

Causes of internal bleeding

When the arterial or venous vessels, regardless of size, are damaged or broken, internal bleeding begins immediately.It can open up the lungs, stomach, brain, skin or any other body part.When you cut an artery blood bubbling and quickly follows, while it has a bright red color.Venous blood is darker, it flows more slowly and last longer.If the wound is small, usually blood coagulates quickly and bleeding stops, on the condition that blood cells especially platelets, present in sufficient quantity.

Caution!Prolonged bleeding in any area of ​​the body, regardless of its extent, it can indicate serious problems, one of which may be cancer and cause of bleeding must be installed as quickly as possible.