Herbal Treatment of child paralysis

Children's palsy is caused by contact with the virus.herbal treatment of infantile paralysis is possible, but should be under the supervision of a physician.

herbs infantile paralysis treatment

The disease can be prevented.With vaccination, polio was almost destroyed in the developed countries.The immunization program should begin at an early age when the child is only two months old.Repeated vaccinations for adults are not necessary.Wild cherry bark, valerian root, bark of poplar, goldenseal Canadian, cat mint, red clover and yellow dock.Select one or more plants, the most appropriate in your case, and mix them in equal amounts for the preparation of herbal tea.

herbal tea for the treatment of infantile paralysis

Excellent medicine can be obtained as follows: Take a spoonful of valerian, mint, cat and sweet flag root;mix and brew a teaspoon mixture cup boiling water.Let the patient to 14 cups every two hours.This tea can be drunk in large quantities, it is completely harmless.A young child le

t a tablespoon of tea several times a day, tea can be sweetened with honey or malt sugar.Excellent help antispasmodic tincture 8-15 drops to 14 cups hot water.Vary the dose depending on the age of the patient.

cause of childhood paralysis

Children's palsy is caused by a virus, which is transmitted by contact.It enters the body through the mouth and passed into the small intestine.Hence, the virus can seep into the lymph nodes and the nervous system.Polio is spread all over the world, but was virtually eliminated after the invention of the vaccine in 1950.

symptoms of infantile paralysis

Among the early symptoms there is nothing that would accurately indicate the presence of polio: creeping fever, fatigue, aching muscles, runny nose, and sometimes a headache.It may be nausea and vomiting.More serious symptoms later: weakness, muscle woodiness, severe headache, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, restlessness, stiffness in the neck muscles, sometimes paralysis.