What vitamins are contained in cucumbers

Everyone's favorite cucumber is an excellent tool for weight loss.This is known to all.However, very few people can accurately tell which contains nutrients and vitamins in cucumbers than just cucumbers are good and how much they should eat.

What vitamins are contained in cucumbers

Probably everyone loves to eat cucumbers in a pure form, as well as salads and various dishes.The cucumbers can be found not only vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, E, H, PP), as well as trace elements (iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, aluminum, iodine, cobalt, manganese, copper, molybdenum, fluorine, chromium, zinc).It is worth noting that the cucumbers are not only an excellent tool for weight loss, but also a great cosmetics that will help keep the skin in good condition, as well as the entire body.

Medicinal properties of cucumber vitamin

Gherkin itself is not a very difficult product for the stomach and allows a person to regulate their own food.The cucumbers contains 95% wate

r, consequently, such a product does not load the pancreas.So, cucumbers help to form a light and healthy diet food.

cucumbers perfectly satisfy hunger.Further, water contained in the cucumber has many useful properties.First, cucumber water helps get rid of many toxins in the body.That is why, if you were poisoned by something, be sure to eat a cucumber.At the same time, the daily ingestion of cucumber helps clean the body and bring the toxins that have been accumulating for a long time.And if you take it a rule to drink daily cucumber juice, then after a while will be able to get rid of stones in the gall bladder and bile ducts.But, most importantly, do not overdo it with the cucumber juice, otherwise you just can them budge, and this in turn can cause negative effects.

People who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it is necessary to include in your diet cucumbers, which are mild diuretic, because they contain large amounts of potassium.Also cucumber useful in tuberculosis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract.With the help of cucumbers in the body uluchaetsya protein digestion of food.It is therefore necessary during tuberculosis take in food salads, in which one of the main products are cucumbers.In addition, these salads are the perfect complement to meat or fish dishes.