What vitamins are contained in milk

Milk - this is the most useful product with vitamins, which are necessary for the human body, and vitamins.Yes, everyone knows about it, but few people think about what vitamins are contained in milk, in addition to those which we all know.Perhaps few people know that milk is more than a hundred body needs nutrients and vitamins.At the same time, in the milk of all the vitamins are easily digestible form.

What vitamins contains vitamins in milk?

The milk contains vitamins A, D, B, C and many other vitamins.The milk contains digestible fats, proteins, lactose, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.Most vitamins are fresh milk.However, you can save them and pasteurized milk, but you must follow the rules of pasteurization.However, human milk contains not always the same vitamins, their content varies from what is fed cows.

Action vitamins in milk on the human body

contained in milk vitamin A stimulates the growth of the organism, prevents eye disease, and infectious disease.Vitamin D helps to mai

ntain proper operation of the parathyroid glands, prevents the appearance of convulsions, rickets.In a large number of milk contains vitamins of group B. However, it should be remembered that in the winter of vitamin B2 in milk than in summer.But the amount of vitamin B12 increases with increasing acidity.That is why it is most in dairy products.

in large quantities in milk, and contains Vitamin C, but when thermally treated under air, and its amount decreases.That is why it is best to use fresh milk, so your body will get more vitamin C. Each body must receive daily norm of vitamins.Otherwise, it just would not be able to perform its essential functions.According to doctors and scientists dairy products should make up 1/3 of the daily human diet needs.Because dairy foods are considered to be the easiest for digestion.

In what diseases need vitamins contained in milk

That dairy products are used to treat almost all diseases: gastrointestinal disease, with the depletion of the disease, anemia, heart disease, liver disease, pancreas, kidney, obesity, hypertension.They also are used to rid the body of excess fluid and harmful products of metabolism.

should be noted that milk is used in order to prevent occupational diseases of workers who work in hazardous environments.In addition, milk avoids poisoning of heavy metal salts, acids, alkalis.