Treatment of gangrene herbs

Gangrene - a very serious disease, and treatment of gangrene herbs have to be carried out under medical supervision.

Treatment of gangrene herbs - recipe for a poultice β„–1

Take 14 pounds of charcoal powder and one ounce of water pepper, put the herbs in a pot and pour a pint of boiling water, then let it sit for twenty minutes.Then mix the resulting solution with two tablespoons of flour and a large amount of charcoal, sufficient to prepare a poultice.Spread the medicine on a piece of gauze, which area should be slightly larger than the area of ​​the affected area.Apply the poultice to the sore spot, cover with another piece of gauze and tie tightly.

If the pain is very strong, add a tablespoon of the composition of medicines lobelia.To get a solid poultice, you may need a little bit of corn or flax meal.In the presence of purulent discharge and sores Veit little hydrogen peroxide and thoroughly wash the affected area, and then wipe it with a piece of cotton;Repeat the procedure until the wound is

completely cleared.Do this before you make a poultice.

Recipe β„–2 poultice to treat gangrene herbs

Another excellent poultice can be prepared as follows: take two tablespoons of flax seed (or flax meal), one teaspoon of goldenseal Canadian, and one and a half teaspoons of myrrh.Add sufficient water to make the mixture into a paste.The paste should not be too rigid, it must be made so soft that it can be absorbed into the body.Apply the poultice as usual.Update poultice every six hours, scraping the pus formed by means of hydrogen peroxide.

Herbal tea in the treatment of gangrene

For internal use, mix equal amount, valerian, curly dock and buckthorn bark.Boil a teaspoon mixture cup boiling water and leave for half an hour.Take a cup of medication one hour before meals and drink a cup of hot herbal tea before going to bed.If you have constipation, use of herbal laxatives.The bowels should be emptied properly.In the case of gas gangrene caused by a toxin produced by the bacteria, you as a medical emergency as soon as possible is required.This type Ganf usually develops after a severe injury, in particular, wounds post.

Causes of gangrene

Gangrene, both external and internal, caused by insufficient intake of oxygen and blood to certain parts of the body, which can lead to tissue necrosis.Most often gangrene affects the elderly and diabetics who have limb badly supplied with blood because of the development of arteriosclerosis.blood stagnation, or narrowing of the arteries leads to impaired blood circulation, thus preventing the access of oxygen to the tissues and causing ganfenu.Gangrene may occur after severe tissue damage, if you do not remove all of the dead.In this case, gangrene is caused by bacteria called - they produce a poison that allows ganfene quickly spread to adjacent healthy tissue.Unless urgent action is taken, such gangrene can be fatal.gangrene often cause burns, frostbite, skin contact acid and severe bruises and sores and carbuncles.

Symptoms of gangrene

There are two types of gangrene: dry and weeping.Before the emergence of the latter is always inflamed.Affected place hurts and black.Soon tissue die completely, and the place becomes quite insensitive.Dry gangrene usually begins with stains, it usually occurs anywhere, but most often is that poorly supplied with blood.Most are amazed tips of the toes or hands, they turn yellow, or turn black.In the early stages of the disease the skin grows cold and starts to hurt, which is especially pronounced in muscle tension.Most often, gangrene affects the hands and feet, and most of all she exposed their diabetes patients the artery can not provide normal blood flow.

Caution!We must remember that you can never badly affected area, if there is, or may be caused by poor circulation.