What vitamins are contained in the onion

More than four thousand years ago, man first tried the onion.And we can say that it was from the moment the onion has become an indispensable ingredient in the preparation of any dish.However, few people think about what kind of benefits and how much vitamin found in onions.Probably everyone knows that onions are very useful, even in time of the patient's disease forced to use more bow.

What vitamins are contained in the onion

The onions are vitamins such as A, B, C, essential oils, calcium, iron, magnesium, fluorine, sulfur, flavonoids.It is through the use of data vitamins onion is huge.Firstly, the bow is a strong natural antibiotic, which protects the human at any age from colds and infectious diseases.With onions activates the metabolism, it helps to purify the blood and engaged in stimulating the digestive processes.More often bow is used in hypertension, general weakness, gastritis, hemorrhoids, diabetes, to increase potency, to fight worms and prevention.In addition, the onion juice is used

to treat rheumatism, insomnia, neurasthenia.

To get rid of the flu, dermatitis, hair loss cure, to bring corn and warts, as well as get rid of a mosquito bite, you can use a paste of fresh onion, enriched with vitamins necessary.At the same time serve as onions one of the ingredients to prepare the mask.Masks containing onions, perfectly cleanse the skin, thanks to the bow, it becomes softer.

useful properties and vitamins in the green onions

It should be noted that not only the onion has many beneficial properties, not less useful is the green onions.The feathers of green onions is a large amount of vitamins.Chives is perfect in order to make up for supply of vitamins.In general, a hundred grams of green onions is a daily rate of vitamin C for an adult.In addition, it contains carotene, B vitamins A self onion pen contains chlorophyll, which in turn is very useful for the process of hematopoiesis.Of course, everyone knows that any dish that uses green onions, it becomes much tastier.However, it is not necessary to store long green onions in the refrigerator or elsewhere, as it loses its beneficial properties.

useful properties and vitamins leeks

no less useful to the human body is the leek.It differs from the onion that has a pungent smell.However, it almost as vitamins.The leeks are vitamins C, B1, B2, PP and many others.Most often this type of bow used in the treatment of rheumatism, gout, kidney disease, obesity, and the deposition of salts.And thanks to the availability of potassium - he is an excellent diuretic.