What vitamins are contained in the cabbage

In Roman times it was believed that cabbage makes people more resistant and hardy, so the legionnaires often ate her food, especially before leaning campaigns.In Russia the cabbage was considered the main vegetable dish, secret recipes of its preparation kept even in Orthodox monasteries.Today, its different varieties - from the familiar to us kohlrabi cabbage are grown all over the world.But is a lot we know about it, and it contains vitamins?

What vitamins are contained in the cabbage

Many people know that it will help get rid of excess weight.It contains acid, which prevents the formation of fat surpluses.The cabbage leaf much mineral salts, calcium, potassium and iron.Brussels sprouts can help overcome heart disease.And in savoy cabbage a lot of nitrogenous substances, it will prevent the formation of kidney stones and help to bring existing and sand.It is also very useful seaweed, it has a lot of iodine, phosphorous and sodium, so it is often included in the diet.It is very good because it is

available and does not require complex processing and cooking.The smaller it is, is being prepared, the greater the safety of vitamins and nutrients remaining.

vitamins in cabbage from fatigue

If you notice that quickly get tired, lose all their efforts in the first half of the day, most likely in your body lack of vitamin C. This vitamin is not synthesized by our body, so you need to make sure thatit is sufficient to come from outside.A good helper here would be an ordinary cabbage.You can use it in unlimited quantities, cooked in different recipes - different salads of raw, pickled or even heat-treated.But in the latter case, try to minimize the effects of high temperatures.

Now you know what kind of vitamins contained in the cabbage and how useful it is to the human body.This does not mean that only it and the need to eat, but try to add cabbage to your diet more often.