Herbal Treatment of fever

Fever is a direct indication that the body is not all right.Usually it occurs because of infection, but can also be caused by other diseases.Herbal Treatment of fever should be carried out only under the supervision of doctors.

Herb Treatment of fever - general recommendations

If the fever is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, it is necessary to take an emetic and to clean the stomach.If the patient's temperature is too high, and he is unable to take an emetic, give him a cup of tea, infused on Canadian goldenseal and myrrh.This will help to eliminate toxins from the stomach.Boil a teaspoon of goldenseal Canadian and 12 teaspoon of myrrh a pint of boiling water and leave for twenty minutes.After the first cup, take a tablespoon every hour.The dose can be increased.

Herbal enema to treat fever

temperature was quickly shot down with cold water enema.Water should be slightly below body temperature.Herbal enema operate more efficiently.Soapy water can be used, but there is a risk that this will l

ead to intestinal irritation.The temperature is reduced due to the fact that the toxins are washed from the body.Remove the patient's clothing and cover it with a cotton blanket.Rub the patient with cool water from his face.Especially good rub his head, back of the neck and feet, leaving wet soles.With a strong fever do it every five minutes, do not forget to water the patient cold water - it has to do two or three sips.If the patient becomes cold, stop rubbing, cover it with a blanket and apply lotion on her stomach warm or hot water bottle.This will prevent the possibility of colds.If the patient does not warm up after these procedures, apply hot poultice on the back, give him hot tea and make hover legs, it certainly helps.

With the help of this treatment, I always cope even with serious cases of fever.The work to normalize bowel using herbal laxatives.If a slight fever, a fever can be eliminated with the help of lemon juice, - dissolve it in water and do not add sugar.I remember the parents brought down the fever with the help of fruit juices and herbal teas.They used the leaves of raspberry, willow bark and other herbs.

Elm tea herbs to treat fever

When fever great help tea, infused with elm bark - he perfectly cleanses the body and soothes the stomach and intestinal tract.

Herb Treatment of fever - teas recipes

You can make tea using any of the following herbs: yarrow, clary sage, mint cat, peppermint, wild cherry bark, valerian, black cohosh, tansy, chamomile, elder, stevia,willow (bark and leaves), pleuritic root, calendula, nettle and lobelia.Raspberry leaf tea is excellent knocks fever in children.