Treatment of rye grass

Rózsa - a disease of the immune system, causing inflammation of the skin.Treatment of rye grass is best done in conjunction with conventional treatment.

Treatment rye grasses - recommendations

Rozsa contagious, so the patient should be isolated and render quality medical care.Do not wash the wound with soap and water, use of boric acid solution.You can prepare a solution of the following herbs: goldenseal Canadian (12 teaspoons), lobelia (1 teaspoon), burdock (1 teaspoon), the root of curly dock (12 teaspoons), boric acid (1 tablespoon) and myrrh (14teaspoon).Boil a quart of boiling water.Dampen the cloth with a solution and thoroughly rinse all affected areas.Can be applied to wounds soaked piece of gauze with a solution, it will greatly ease the pain.Do not rub the skin.

With the same purpose, you can use tea made from chickweed.Boil one tablespoon of granulated grass pint of boiling water.The cold poultice of raw cranberries relieve the burning sensation;for this you can also use lemon juice, h

alf diluted with boiling water.

tea recipe for the treatment of erysipelas

Drink tea from pleuritic root, burdock root, sage and ginger.These herbs are beneficial to the skin and retain its moisture content;In addition, they help to reveal the pores.Brew a tablespoon of pleuritic root, sage tablespoon and a teaspoon of ginger a pint of boiling water, let stand and drink half a cup every two hours.

Treatment rye grasses - means for washing wounds

can prepare an excellent tool for washing wounds, mix equal quantities of myrrh gum.hazel Virginia and goldenseal Canadian.All herbs should be granular.Thoroughly mix and brew one tablespoon of mixture of a pint of boiling water.Let stand for half an hour and strain.Wash the affected area with a piece of cotton.You can use a simple but effective means: brine Spread a 4-inch layer of grated raw potatoes.When it is dry, clean the wound, and repeat the procedure.Take gut to work properly, you can use the herbal laxatives or enemas.

Causes faces

erysipelas caused by the poor condition of the immune system, allowing the body to penetrate streptococci.

Symptoms faces

called erysipelas inflammation of the skin, which is expressed in stained dark red and copper colors, causing intense itching and burning.Usually erysipelas it affects the face, but can spread to other parts of the body.It looks like a bright red, hot, swollen area with sharply defined boundaries.Sometimes mug starts with a small wound or incision of the skin and in some cases develop spontaneously.The affected area may have blisters.Rozsa spreads very quickly, rapidly covering the neck and shoulders.Rarely, but still there are cases when the face and eyes swollen, ears and lips are sealed, and the patient's fever occurs.

If erysipelas begins with a wound or scratch that spot before spread a little blush.Usually the first symptoms of the disease are fever and cold, and in a few hours around the nose and on the cheeks appear a little red.Within twenty-four hours in the affected area blisters occur.The attack on the faces while making the patient very susceptible to this disease.