Herbal Treatment of epilepsy

Epilepsy neurological disease.Herbal Treatment of epilepsy necessarily need to be combined with medication.

Herbal treatment of epilepsy - Basics

patient must develop a program that suits him, and strictly follow it every day.You have to hand should always be antispasmodic tincture 8-15 drops that need to be dissolved in half a glass of water.If the patient can not drink, drip it into the language of a few drops of tincture - it removes spasms.

herbal tea to treat epilepsy

  • To prepare a medicinal tea, mix equal quantities of these herbs valerian, lady's slipper.Boil a teaspoon mixture cup boiling water and leave for 30 minutes.Allow the patient to drink two or three cups of tea as soon as he feels that an attack is coming.Tea can be taken after the attacks.In my practice I met patients suffering from severe epileptic seizures, for the treatment of grass which I used above in combination with a simple nutritional diet, and intensity of attacks often decreased, and in some cases they disappear c
  • Take herbs, combine them and use the ones that are best suited to your case.Brew tea on the basis of the following herbs: elder, mistletoe, Peruvian balm, verbena, valerian, lady's slipper;drink a cup an hour before meals and at bedtime;In addition, use antispasmodic tincture.

Recommendations for the treatment of epilepsy herbs

Applying herbal teas and water treatments for epilepsy, you should stop using products that can cause this disease.If you do not, then there is no guarantee that the attacks will not return.Eliminate from your diet tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, all stimulants, as well as foods that cause constipation.It would be good to replace the bread biscuit crumbs.Do not wash down the food, chew it thoroughly.To top it off, clean the bowels with enemas, and you will have a good chance to avoid these attacks.

Causes of epilepsy

main cause of epilepsy is poor diet, violates the intestine, which in turn has a negative effect on the sympathetic nervous system and affects the spinal tracts.In this state, the blood drains from the head, which may lead to heart failure and causes pallor or, alternatively, magenta complexion and convulsions.The reason for epilepsy are often gut disease and gastrointestinal tract, as well as drop, shock, fractures and other injuries.In many cases, a patient with epilepsy there are worms.Addition.This section lists a number of factors that were considered the cause of epilepsy in the early XX century.It is now believed that epilepsy is a hereditary disease, which manifests itself in the early!it childhood and continues throughout life, and may also occur due to trauma, tumors and lesions.

Symptoms of epilepsy

patient usually loses consciousness, accompanied by convulsions.During a seizure teeth are heavily compressed, and foam at the mouth.The eyes are usually rolled.The patient usually falls forward.Before the start of the attack attack premonition (aura) may occur, dizziness and muscle cramps.If the patient feels any of these unusual conditions, he should immediately lie down on the ground.