Herbal treatment of croup

croup - inflammation of the throat, frequent complication of influenza and colds.Herbal treatment of croup should be done under medical supervision.

Treatment of cereal grasses - key recommendations

most important part of the treatment of croup is the inhalation of warm, moist air.To do this, you can throw a blanket on his head and stand over a saucepan of boiling water, inhaling the vapors.It is necessary to constantly monitor the child is not burned by hot steam.Prepare a tea from the pods of the Javanese pepper, and lobelia, taken in equal proportions, and boil it in a pot, so that the child could breathe fumes.In many cases, it instantly relieves pain and provides relief.If you carry out this procedure before going to bed, it may prevent nocturnal attack.If the child is very sick, he should stay in bed, in a well-ventilated room, away from drafts.

If the baby is very capricious and does not want to lie in bed during the day, an attack of croup can be mitigated or prevented through a warm bath,

or you can simply hover legs.Rub salves in the throat, chest and back.The child should be warmly wrapped.Put him an enema of catnip and make sure that the bowels emptied without difficulty.Take a teaspoon of pods or granules, mother and stepmother, wild cherry bark, pods Javanese pepper, and mix and brew a teaspoon of mixture per cup of boiling water, let stand for half an hour and let tablespoon baby every hour until bowel activityIt normalizes.(If you do not have at your disposal all the tools listed, use and Javanese pepper pods.) This remedy will eliminate mucus and ease the throat spasms.

child can take a hot bath, to ensure that he is not just after.Thoroughly rub the patient with olive oil, it will strengthen the body's resistance.Hot gadgets at the chest and neck.alternated with cold, rapidly relieve pain and inflammation.As a liniment for throat can be used antispasmodic tincture.It can also be taken orally 3-4 drops of water on the teacup for infants under the age dose increases.If necessary, let us behold the child every fifteen minutes.

diet in the treatment of cereal grasses

Power of the child should be adjusted.Within a few days, stick to fruit diet consisting of baked apples and pineapple, grape or orange juice.Nothing is more nutritious than soy milk, you can drink it with toast or wheat flakes - such food is easy to digest.If you use cow's milk, boil it in oatmeal and strain.For infants 5-6 months old dissolve four tablespoons of wheat flakes in a small amount of hot water, and add milk - soy or cow.This will prevent the child from losing weight and strength.

Causes of croup

cause of croup is an inflammation of the larynx, or "voice box."Symptoms are similar to the symptoms of croup can be caused by overeating.Fermentation in the stomach reflux forms, and that, in turn, causes coughing and choking.The same symptoms can be caused by worms.

Symptoms of croup

Croup is most common in children under five years.In some cases it may be accompanied by severe fever, but usually the temperature is normal or slightly increased.The child's face lights up, the blood vessels may burst in his eyes.At night, the attacks are becoming much stronger.The child wakes up from barking, spasmodic coughing and suffering from fifteen minutes to an hour, with outbreaks several times a night may occur.The child is unable to inhale enough air, and from it may seem that he is suffocating.Inhalation can be heard whistling breath usually does not cause difficulties.To breathe, the patient usually has to sit down.