Colitis Treatment with herbs

Colitis - an infectious disease caused by intestinal obstruction.Treatment of colitis common herbs and gives excellent results.

colitis Treatment with herbs - enema

At colitis well helps the following procedures.Put an enema one tablespoon of bark per quart of water.The root of curly dock) and burdock root also a good means to cure disease and soothe the body.Cover and boil on low heat for a few minutes;then leave for 15-20 minutes.After the herbs settle, pour the tea and drink it as hot as you can stand (from 38 to 42 ° C, and sometimes hot).

root of wild geranium, myrrh and goldenseal Canadian is also an excellent means for the preparation of an enema.Use a teaspoon of goldenseal Canadian and a teaspoon of myrrh to four quarts of boiling water.Let stand, the mixture can settle.

colitis Treatment with herbs - tincture

Use a teaspoon of goldenseal and myrrh teaspoon per pint of boiling water.Let stand and take a spoonful of medicine 6-8 times a day.If the disease is started, take a tablespoon

per hour or 14 to 1 teaspoon, as stated in the instructions for receiving grass, one hour before meals and at bedtime.In places, where poison ivy grows, you can brew tea from its leaves, bark or berries.For the preparation of enemas take Zhmenya any of these components, fill the four quarts of boiling water and leave for an hour.

diet for the treatment of colitis

It would be nice to sit down for a few days on a liquid diet.The solid food should be thoroughly chewed and wet with saliva, not drinking.coarse food should be avoided, as well as products containing the peel and seeds.While the condition does not improve, eat vegetables.As a perfect diet soy milk, sweet crumbs and wheat flakes.

reasons colitis

There are many causes of colitis, although some of them are still unknown.In many cases, colitis cause infectious microorganisms, sometimes it can be caused by malnutrition, constipation, poor, irritating the gastrointestinal tract combination products, the excessive use of cane sugar, fat or white flour, sometimes to the colitis results in incorrect dosage of laxatives and stressand a meal cooked in aluminum cookware.

symptoms of colitis

bowel obstruction or constipation.Mucus in the stool is leaking, the discharge becomes fibrous.In the stomach there is a feeling of weakness, and sometimes headaches and dizziness, which are accompanied by exhaustion, weakness and pain in various parts of the body.When serious illness starts cramping, bleeding occurs in the rectum and fever.