Dyspepsia Treatment and Symptoms |How to treat dyspepsia

Dyspepsia caused by a violation of the right to food.The symptoms of dyspepsia may be very different, but it is necessary to accurately diagnose the start of treatment of dyspepsia.Treatment of dyspepsia herbs should be under a doctor's supervision.

Neuralgia - Symptoms

main symptoms of dyspepsia

the treatment of dyspepsia, especially in acute dyspepsia, often markedly reduced or absent appetite.A typical symptom is a dislike or even disgust to a certain type of food, such as fatty foods.In some patients, the smell of greasy, fried, stewed meat food, sometimes even memories of her disgust and nausea.

Usually after taking small amounts of food quickly comes a feeling of satiety, followed by a feeling of expansion, fullness and heaviness in the right hypochondrium.Sometimes the symptoms of dyspepsia are distributed to the right and Zadie, and sick for a long time felt the pressure and heaviness in the right subscapular region, in the lumbar region on the right.In the treatment of dyspepsia and oth

er diseases of the liver and biliary tract in patients with this symptom appears that the change of taste sensations in the mouth (bitter, metallic taste sometimes).

Part dyspepsia patients experiencing symptoms of dryness in the mouth, less thirst.Sometimes, on the contrary, there is hypersalivation.However, it is more common in certain diseases of the biliary tract caused by helminthic infestation, such as ascariasis biliary tract, as well as in chronic lesions of the pancreas, often complicating biliary tract disease.

Some patients with dyspepsia are complaining of dyspepsia symptoms such as heartburn, belching, especially often nausea, sometimes vomiting.Nausea often occurs in connection with eating, especially fatty, fried, stewed, and sometimes out of touch with the food, often with body shake, such as when a bumpy ride when working in an inclined position, etc.In many cases, nausea, vomiting ends, which does not always facilitate the patient's condition, as is the case for gastric diseases, and does not always lead to the cessation of pain.On the contrary, in many patients with repeated vomiting bile even intensifies the pain (for example, during an episode of biliary colic), in spite of the treatment of dyspepsia.

the treatment of dyspepsia symptoms of bowel disorders often occur: bloating, low-intensity and nonlocalized pain around the belly, tendency to constipation, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes alternating.Diarrhea is usually unreasonable.They occur more frequently in the morning ( "morning diarrhea") and are expressed in a compelling urge to stool or liquid stool right after breakfast.Often in patients with marked flatulence, amplifying pain and causing a feeling of fullness in the right hypochondrium.

Itching as a symptom of dyspepsia

frequent symptom of hepatic dyspepsia is itching.It is due to the accumulation of bile acid in the blood and is generally observed in all cases where hindered bile.In the treatment of dyspepsia itching often associated with jaundice, but often occurs without it.In particular, in some patients with symptoms of dyspepsia, it has no common character, and localized in some always strictly defined area, for example, (often) under the right scapula, patients sometimes very disturbing.Sometimes itchy skin, sharply intensifying the night, depriving the patient of sleep and leads to physical and mental exhaustion.

complaints with symptoms of hepatic dyspepsia during treatment

The main local complaints of symptoms in the treatment of hepatic dyspepsia are those that directly indicate the esophagus, stomach and intestines:

  • Complaints symptom violation of the act of swallowing and the passagefood through the esophagus (dysphagia).Complaints
  • a symptom of gastric dyspepsia: heaviness and pain in the pit of the stomach, heartburn, belching, nausea and vomiting.
  • Hematemesis.
  • Complaints intestinal dyspepsia: splash, rumbling, and abdominal pain, localized mainly in the middle and lower part of it;bloating due to the enhanced gas production (flatulence), diarrhea or constipation.
  • Complaints defecation disorders (pain, false desires, acceleration, etc.).
  • bloody stools - a common complaint in the treatment of dyspepsia.

Major general (vnezheludochnym and extraintestinal) complaints of patients with symptoms of hepatic dyspepsia symptoms include: loss of appetite, and weight loss (wasting) up to cachexia.These common complaints are the main symptoms, because they have the characteristics and require a doctor if any suspected gastrointestinal disease and prescribe treatment.

On questioning each major symptom of dyspepsia is necessary to establish its character, specify the time of its appearance and features of display, the reasons for its cause, by which it is reduced or stopped.Additional General pathological complaints of patients with dyspepsia liver may be fatigue, decreased performance, muscle weakness, and various neurotic disorders (irritability, sleep disturbance, and others.).

more complaints due to pathological impulses from the damaged digestive system, functional disorders of the autonomic nervous system, as well as violations of the fundamental metabolic processes associated with insufficient nutrients supply to the organs and tissues of the body.

Dyspepsia - treatment

herbs in the treatment of dyspepsia symptoms do not take baking soda and magnesium - are harmful to the body.Relieving symptoms of dyspepsia may be using the eight - ten antispasmodic drops of tincture diluted in a glass of water.Digestion can be stimulated in the treatment of dyspepsia, brew 14 teaspoon of goldenseal Canadian cup of boiling water.The medicine for symptoms of dyspepsia should be taken one hour before meals;You can also brew a teaspoon of goldenseal pint of boiling water and drink half a cup an hour before a meal.Excellent help tea, infused with gentian or as indigestion in many cases, is caused by nerve disorders.

If the cause of the symptoms of dyspepsia is overeating, take an emetic, to empty stomach.To do this, you can drink plenty of salted warm water and press with your fingers on the tongue.If you drink enough water, you will not have to strain.

Treating acid indigestion herbs

an excellent tool for reducing the acidity of the symptoms of dyspepsia are soy products.Drink soy milk or orange juice for a few days.Try to avoid constipation in the treatment of dyspepsia, for that eat muffins crackers, soy beans or bread from the grain.The land will be your food, the faster you will cope with high acidity.Chew!Chew!Chew for as long as the food does not turn into mush, so you will contribute to the formation of saliva and recovery of normal digestion.Do not wash down the food.Eat regularly and do not eat anything for several hours before bedtime.

Follow this diet for a week in the treatment of dyspepsia, then add to the diet of vegetable dishes, it is best to feed them for dinner.Be careful in combination products with symptoms of dyspepsia.Do not eat fruits and vegetables at the same time as the fruits are digested quickly, and because of this digestion is delayed.In addition, do not use the products listed in the column causes, because they increase the acidity in the body.All of these symptoms are the result of poor lifestyle choices over the years, and we should not expect that all of them will disappear immediately.You'll have to be patient during the treatment of dyspepsia, but the reward is worth it.

The following foods are rich in sodium and magnesium, so they can eat as much as necessary: ​​

  • oranges apples;
  • beet cherries;
  • carrots strawberries;
  • celery, radish;
  • cucumbers, figs (figs);
  • okra beans.

Excellent help burnet saxifrage, betony, calamus and peppermint.You can take goldenseal powder Canadian, 14 teaspoons in a glass of cold or hot water one hour before meals.However, it is very bitter, so it is best to take goldenseal capsules.

How to treat dyspepsia with diet

old idea of ​​fasting in the treatment of dyspepsia symptoms is incorrect.Patients should eat more than usual, but the food should be light and nutritious, in order not to overload the stomach.For the diet the following products are usually suitable: Full-flavored biscuits, mashed potatoes, soya cottage cheese, asparagus, corn milk, cauliflower, eggplant, peppers beans, spinach, lettuce.Better cooking vegetables, and seasoning can be used as a small amount of soybean oil.If raw vegetables like spinach, lettuce and celery, you do not fit, do not eat them, because by adhering to this diet in the treatment of dyspepsia symptoms, you get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

For the weak stomach are good pancakes bran and soy, as well as alkaline broths.Eat slowly with symptoms of dyspepsia, chewing food thoroughly, eat regularly.Before bedtime can drink a glass of fruit juice or soy milk.However, keep in mind that it is best not to eat anything for several hours before bedtime.Rest and avoid stress in the treatment of dyspepsia symptoms.

cause symptoms of dyspepsia

harmful and devoid of nutrients foods such as white flour, cane sugar, and white rice can cause symptoms of dyspepsia.Zapivaniya food, fast food ingestion, eating before going to sleep, irregular meals, eating large quantities of spices, iced tea and coffee, as well as over-eating.People who lead a sedentary lifestyle, you need a large amount of exercise, to establish the correct mode of the day and practice deep breathing.