Jam made of lilac - a prescription |How to cook the jam lilac

We know how the lilac bush blooming, beautiful and exudes a wonderful aroma.Perhaps you do not know how to cook jam from lilacs, but you should know that jam lilac, the recipe of which we give below, useful and tasty.

jam lilac - recipe

recipe jam lilac very simple.To make jam of lilacs, you need to take lilac flowers - 500 g of sugar, sugar - 500 grams, clean water - 2 cups, and half a lemon.

How to cook the jam of lilac - User


To prepare jam lilac, you have already collected the flowers of lilac thoroughly rinsed in cold water, so that you receive as a result the pure product.Then lilacs, for making jam lilac, fill with water and has a good boil for about 10 minutes.Then we press to the mix fresh lemon, and then cover with a lid and leave all this for 15-20 minutes.


juice when cooking jam of lilac on this recipe, carefully produced, and we have to decant into a bowl in which you plan to cook the jam, to the bed of the right amount of sugar and cook a good syrup.All of lilac flowers

that are left, you need to carefully rub with a spoon of sugar and lemon juice (10 drops).For a more refined taste of jam from lilac to put all that weight in the finished hot syrup and then from the moment of boiling still need to boil about 20 minutes at the small fire, at the same time, stirring occasionally jam.Ready jam lilac poured into small and large banks and rolls.

Useful properties jam lilac

important, just mention a few useful properties of lilac that go and jam lilac.The fact that lilac necessarily invest in numerous drugs which have antipyretic, diaphoretic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anticonvulsant, analgesic and diuretic properties, as well as uterine bleeding.According to this, from lilac jam is not just delicious, it is also very helpful.

Lilac and jam lilac also widely used in the treatment of even such diseases as diabetes, malaria, and all sorts of inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, and even the stones and sand in the renal pelvis.According to this, jam lilac quietly eat under any conditions.They say that such a jam lilac even cures.