Herbal Treatment of cholera

most frequently cholera occurs in countries with hot climates.Sometimes cholera outbreak hit the whole world, but one in particular is suffering from this disease, so it is the Indians.Herbal Treatment of cholera can not replace traditional treatment, but it can complement it.

herbs Cholera Treatment - recommendations

Treatment should first be directed to the liquid recovery and important chemical elements, the body lost due to diarrhea.Cholera patients (this also applies to other forms of diarrhea) should stay in bed and not be nervous.Frequent doses of antispasmodic tincture can be very helpful.Take 8-15 drops to 12 glasses of water, according to age.you can drink more water if desired.Apply hot lotions to the area of ​​the intestine and the entire length of the spine.

Herbal tea in the treatment of cholera

often occurs involuntary vomiting mucus, causes immense pain.In this case, a weak drink lukewarm tea, infused with peppermint or curly mint, from a pint to a quart, you can.Then press you

r finger on the root of the tongue and pull out.After clean the stomach, drink a cup of strong tea of ​​peppermint, it will calm the stomach and eliminate the feeling of depression.If pain or vomiting returns, the procedure can be repeated.Exhausted or disabled people may not be able to carry out this procedure in this case, give him a cup of hot tea from peppermint or chamomile, it will ease the pain.Two hours after the mint tea you can drink a cup of tea, infused on goldenseal Canadian, gentian, or cortex, it will strengthen the stomach and destroy poisons.

herbs Cholera Treatment - enema

Cholera usually starts with watery diarrhea, which may be terminated by one herbal enemas, as hot as possible.Enema should be prepared as follows: two tablespoons of the bark, white oak bark, sumac and wild cherry.Use granular grass.Potion need to insist in four quarts of boiling water for thirty minutes, then strain.

Recommendations for the treatment of cholera herbs

settings of all isolation must be destroyed, because cholera - a contagious disease.No one should touch the patient things until they are is cleaned.The best remedy for cholera - water infused with oats or elm, and soy milk.If, after the adoption of these measures diarrhea continues, you may need intravenous fluids.

Causes of cholera

cause of cholera is food or water contaminated by Vibrio cholerae.This microorganism is a parasite in the intestine and produces a toxin that causes diarrhea.

Symptoms of cholera

Cholera begins suddenly, with profuse watery diarrhea.Fever is usually not, as no cramps or bleeding.Naturally, if the diarrhea continues, there will be cramps, and prostration, and a terrible pain in the kidneys.