Puff with jam - recipe |How to make puff with jam

puff pastry is very delicate, airy, crispy.We invite you to pamper yourself and loved ones fragrant puffs with jam, a recipe which you will find below.The technology of preparation of this dish is not quite simple, but the result is worth all the effort.So, how to make puff with jam?

Puff with jam - recipe classical

Ingredients to cook puff jam:

  • flour - 400 g
  • oil - 400 g
  • water - 1 tbsp.
  • egg - 1 pc.
  • salt.
  • Jam - 200 g
  • sugar - 1 tbsp.l.
  • yolk - 1 pc.
  • oil

Preparation puff jam


To prepare puff with jam, put the flour, previously sifted, slide on the board, make a small depression in which pour water, add salt and egg, goodhis beating.Knead the dough and put in a cold place for 30-40 minutes.Then roll, put on top of oil, wrap envelope edge of dough, roll it out to cook puff with jam.Fold four times, cool down for half an hour and then roll it out.Repeat these steps 3 times, after which the dough is ready.


Stretch the dough to a thickness of 3-4 mm, cut into squares.Put the j

am into the center, wrapped, pinch.Each puff coat with beaten egg yolk and bake 15 minutes at 200 ° C.When Puff with jam, cooked according to our recipe, it acquires a golden color can be removed from the oven.

Secrets of cooking puffs with jam

  • When the jam puffs taken out of the cold, it must be covered with a damp cloth or towel.Then it will not dry out.
  • Puff with jam, cooked according to our recipe, can be folded as triangles and rectangles.
  • Puff with jam obtained crispy outside and soft inside, because under the influence of fluid from the dough jam "cooked".Whatever pastry was crispy completely necessary to make a few cuts and open them.
  • dough can be sprinkled with starch, it absorbs excess liquid and jam puff not be spread.
  • Puff with jam recipe which is given above, you may have quite a different taste if you add nuts, dried fruit and chocolate.

How to prepare Puff with jam - recipe with chocolate

Ingredients to cook puff jam:

  • puff pastry;
  • two kinds of jam;
  • cinnamon;
  • chocolate.

Preparation puffs with jam


To prepare puff with jam for our recipe, you need to cook the dough on the above scheme.Roll out to about 0.2 cm. In diameter and cut glass of approximately 10 cm. Grease a jam, sprinkle with cinnamon, cover with second.Put it on a different kind of jam and cover with the third circle, for the preparation of puffs with jam.The edges of the puff pinch with a fork.Similar operations to do with the rest of the test.Transfer to a baking sheet and bake.The finished product, pour the melted chocolate.


for these puffs with jam perfect cherry jam.It only needs to drain to cherry flesh was left alone, and the liquid syrup stack.