Treatment of Bright's disease with herbs

Bright's disease - a general term for a wide range of kidney diseases.It is often accompanied by a sore throat and skin, caused by streptococcus.Treatment of Bright's disease herbs should be under medical supervision.

Treatment of Bright's disease herbs - enema

necessary to normalize bowel function;this can be achieved by enema white oak bark, bark or roots of wild alum.In the absence of these funds use warm water from the tap, just add a little soap in it.

baths with herbs for the treatment of Bright's disease

Every day you must take a bath or a warm shower.While in the bathroom, you can drink two or three cups of tea, infused on pleuritic or sage root, it will open the pores of the skin and cause profuse sweating.You can remain in the bath for a half hour.Finish swimming cold shower and dry.Avoid drafts, to prevent colds.After the bath it would be very good to wrap the patient in a blanket, put him to bed and drink tea from sage.Relieving pain, you can use lotions, but you must first rub the

back with a sponge soaked in cold water, and wipe it dry.

herbal tea to treat

Fine Bright's disease helps the tea infused corolla broom and leaves of marshmallow (in equal proportions).Make sure that the patient is resting enough and not too worried.The room should be well ventilated, warm and free from drafts.At first, the need to minimize the use of salt and water.

patient must often change position in bed to prevent the formation of pressure sores.

diet in the treatment of Bright's disease

diet should be light and nutritious.All incentives and heavy products are prohibited.You can not eat salt and proteins.In this case, fit cauliflower, asparagus, eggplant and vegetable broths.It would be good for a few days to adhere fruit diet, and only then move on to other products.Very nutritious meal are wheat cereal with soy milk.If possible, avoid salt and do not eat fruits and vegetables at the same time.


Sometimes Bright's disease is associated with other diseases: typhoid fever, diphtheria, influenza, pneumonia, smallpox and scarlet fever.Irritation of the kidneys may also be caused by alcohol, tea, coffee and spices as well as immoderate intake of medicines.If you are suffering from Bright's disease, regardless of whether it is acute or chronic, never eat food cooked in aluminum cookware.

symptoms of Bright's disease

One of the most common symptoms is loss of appetite.In some cases, the patient wants to have an incredibly strong, but refuses food offered.Sometimes the skin becomes dry, there is a fever and shortness of breath and heartbeat quickens.Can ankle swelling and the area under the eyes;this is a sure sign that the heart is not right.There is pain in the kidneys and stinging during urination.the patient's face is usually pale, especially if the disease started.At first, urination may be scarce, but then it sharply increases, and protein in the urine is detected.It often happens nighttime urination, which is accompanied by severe pain.Symptoms may appear as a very fast and very slow.They may be fever, cold, headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and extreme exhaustion.