Jam made of cones - a recipe |How to make jam from cones

excellent taste jam from cones can only compete with the beneficial properties of this dessert.There are several ways to cook jam from pine cones.The recipe for jam from cones is quite simple for the professional and novice cooks.The basis for any of these recipes are pine cones jam, sugar and water, but the proportions and the cooking process itself differ considerably.How to make jam from cones now we will tell.

jam cones - recipes from pine cones

Jam of pine cones - a recipe №1

Jam of pine cones can be cooked all year round.It is very delicious tea in winter and in the summer - just with water.This jam cones often recommended to eat in diseases of the respiratory tract.To make jam from pine cones to assemble the best young pine cones.Usually, they come in the right maturity at the beginning of June.In appearance they must be still green (not stiff), the size usually go with walnut.


To prepare jam from cones, first of all, all the bumps you need to carefully sort out, then thoroughly rins

e in cold water.Then put in a vessel for cooking jam of pine cones and completely cover with water so that water covered the bumps is not more than a couple of centimeters.Then put on a medium heat and boil for 30 minutes under a sealed cover for making jam from cones.After that, just need to put the container with cones in a cool place in the house for 12 hours.


after 12 hours should be separated from the liquid cone (strain).Cones simply set aside, and the resulting broth (he gets intense green color and fine pine flavor) added in a proportion of sugar per 1 liter of broth - 1 kg of sugar for making jam from cones.


This syrup costs cook on low heat, constantly removing the foam, until the consistency is not like the standard jam (no flow).By the time ready jam pine cones should be a rich dark crimson color.


As already fully prepared and pine cones jam, cooked according to our recipe, you can add a couple of cones (one of those that you have previously removed from the broth) and then boil the jam pine cones for another 5 minutes, and then pourready to jam on a sterilized glass jars and close.Number of cones here already depends entirely on your taste.

recipe for jam from pine cones №2

To prepare jam from cones, pine cones, rinse and fill with cold water.Bring to the boil, and then keep on fire for 15-20 minutes.Meanwhile, prepare the syrup in a ratio of 1 kg.sugar 2 cups of water.After the bumps are soft, take them out and shift in the syrup.Boil for about 20 minutes to prepare jam from cones.Cones for this jam is best to choose a small size, about a hazelnut, then they still have a delicate texture, easily punctured or cut.

How to make jam from pine cones - a recipe №3

To prepare jam from cones, to cook the syrup of 1 kg.sugar and 1.5 st.water.Cones (1 kg.) Cut into several pieces and pour the hot syrup.Leave to soak in the 3.5 - 4 hours.Then jam cones somewhere warm to 80 ° C, but not allowing boil.Remove from heat, allow to cool and repeat the process again to make jams from the cones.The third time may be allowed to boil already, and maintain this state for 40 minutes At the end of this time, the jam can be closed in jars and use as needed.

jam cones - a recipe from pine cones №4

As in the previous recipe for making jam from cones, cones should be cut into small pieces (this contributes to their faster impregnation).Then roll in sugar and put in jars layers, the thickness of each layer should be approximately 2 cm. Each balloon cones pour sugar.The topmost layer should always be a sugar.Banks cover with a cloth and put in a warm place to cook jam from cones.Periodically, they need to be shaken.Sugar melts, dissolves to form a syrup, which are impregnated cones.When sugar crystals disappear completely, the jam is considered ready.It must be stored in a cool, dark place in banks, tightly closed lids.

Pine cones jam young - recipe

To prepare such a jam to our recipe, take the young pine cones up to three centimeters in length.Thoroughly wash them and pour the sugar, leave to infuse for a day for the juice.Then place the fruit in boiling syrup made from sugar and cook in three steps until done at intervals to cool to cook jam from young buds.Ready-made jam from cones can drain, but you can just roll with cones.

How to store jam pine cones

Speaking of storage, then jam from pine cones need only store in the refrigerator, in the banks, with it, closed with plastic lids (in this case, first cool the jam, and then close).The peculiarity of this jam from cones that he has a lot of healing properties.For example, a particularly useful resin pink color, which is visible at the break of the welded cones.Jam of pine cones is recommended to eat with tea for the treatment and prevention of colds and sore throat, cough and bronchitis in young children.

How to Cook "Honey" of pine cones - a recipe

To prepare honey from pine cones, you need to cycle through all the bumps, while gently remove debris, and all the needles, then rinse thoroughly with clean water lumps usual.Next you need to fill up already pre-prepared in any size cones enamel bowl and pour it all with cold water so that it covered the cones just 1-1.5 cm, no more honey for the preparation of the cones.After boil these bumps for around 20 minutes in a fully closed pan and then to insist in a cool place in a period of days.

Infusion should get saturated green color, it will need to be sure to drain and discard the cones on a dry towel.Continue to cook the syrup with sugar for sweets jam pine cones, this in 1 liter of syrup, take 1 kg of sugar.Cooking need at least 1.5 hours.For cooking, in which case you need to use only an enamel bowl.

How to make jam from cones - recipes from spruce cones

Jam made of fir cones - a recipe №1

for making jam from cones this recipe, we need young, green, blossom buds barely begun.This stage of maturity seen in May and in the first weeks of summer.

To prepare jam from cones, fir cones to loop, wash, put in some kind of container and fill with water.The liquid should cover the raw material at least 2 cm. Capacity with cones leave to infuse for 50 minutes, and then put on a very low heat and simmer for about two hours.Then give mass to cool completely and strain for making jam from cones.Cones of spruce we no longer need - they can throw.The resulting broth, mix with sugar (it should be the same as the liquid), and stir thoroughly once again put on a very slow fire.Boil the jam takes about two hours.Ready-made jam from cones, cooked in this recipe, pour into sterilized containers and roll.

How to make jam from spruce cones - a recipe №2

To prepare jam from cones this recipe, move kilogram of spruce cones on branches, debris, insects, wash them and put in the cooking container.Add three liters of cold water and put on a very low heat.Boil this mixture takes about four hours.Then the bumps aside and let stand for at least half a day to prepare jam from cones.After this period, a mixture of strain through a colander.Cones can be thrown out, and the resulting pink jelly again put it on low heat.Add and stir thoroughly one kilogram of sugar.Boil the jam until the density of cones.The finished product is a bit like a young honey with a light pleasant scent of pine.

Elovoe jam young cones

To prepare jam from cones on this recipe, you will need equal parts of fir cones and sugar.Fir cones to collect best while they are still young, green, barely Expand - in May and in the first weeks of summer.The collected materials must be well rinsed of debris and soak for 24 hours in cold water for cooking jam from cones.Boil sugar syrup and place in a boiling liquid prepared young buds.Reduce heat to low and cook the fruit for about two hours, as long as they do not soften.The cooking process will produce a black foam - remove it is not necessary in the preparation of jam from cones this recipe.Ready pour the jam into clean containers to store and roll covers.