Treatment of anemia with herbs

Anemia - a serious illness requiring hospital treatment.Treatment of anemia involves the use of herbs herbs such as white birch, blueberry bog, forest strawberries, red clover, cranberry marsh, nettle, carrot, Siberian mountain ash, red beet, black currant, blueberry ordinary, wild rose.

Anemia Treatment with herbs - strawberry timber

Strawberry Forest - a perennial herbaceous plant height of 5-50 cm with a short brown rhizome, roots and thin mochkovidnymi long creeping shoots - a mustache.Leaves radical, trifoliate.The flowers are white.The fruit - fleshy, red, outside false berry ovoid or conical shape, in which the pulp is shipped dry small fruitlets - nuts.It blooms from May to June.The fruits ripen in June - July.With the purpose of treatment using the fruits, rarely leaves and roots of plants.strawberry fruits contain up to 9.5% sugars, organic acids, tannins, pectin, and flavonoid dyes, to 11.6% of essential oils, volatile, carotene, 55 mg% ascorbic acid, vitamin traces Bi, iron phosphate, p

otassiumsodium, calcium, copper, aluminum, chromium, manganese.According to the content of iron salts strawberries nearly 40 times richer grapes.Leaves contain up to 180 mg% ascorbic acid, tannins, carotene, trace alkaloids.The rhizomes contain up to 10% of tannins.

The fruit is collected in a period of full maturity in dry weather in the morning, after drying, the dew or in the evening.Collected in wet weather or dew perishable fruits, and in the heat - quickly wither.Strawberries are dried in ovens or dryers at a temperature of 60-65 °, laying a thin layer (2-3 cm) on the grids.Under normal circumstances, the fresh fruit is not saved more than a day;at 0 ° C the shelf life is increased to 5-7 days.The leaves they prepare during flowering and fruiting, tearing them without stalks.Dried in the attic under a tin roof or under the eaves with good ventilation, spreading a thin layer (3 to 5 cm) on paper or cloth.Rhizomes are dug in autumn, fine roots purified by a conventional method and dried.

Strawberry timber - method of application in the treatment of anemia

In medicine fresh strawberries fruits are used for anemia.The dried fruit is used as a weak diuretic infusions, with bile and kidney disease, gout (helps to reduce the body's uric acid and its salts), gastritis, uterine bleeding, scurvy and beriberi other.Keep in mind that some people in the high sensitivity of the organism to the investigation strawberries may appear allergic rashes such as hives.

Siberian Rowan in the treatment of anemia

Infusion of fruits are used as a means of multivitamin with exhaustion and anemia (2 teaspoons of fruit pour 2 cups boiling water, 1 hour, add sugar to taste and drink for 3-4 hours during the day).

Herbal for the treatment of anemia

anemia applicable:

  • nettle leaf, yarrow flowers, dandelion root (all equal).Tablespoon of the mixture boil 1.5 cups of boiling water, insist 3 hours, drain.Drink per day in 3-4 divided doses for 20 minutes before eating.The course of treatment 8 weeks.
  • nettle leaf, flowering tops of buckwheat, fireweed list (all equally).3 tablespoons of the mixture boil two cups of boiling water, 3 hours, drain.Drink per day in 3-4 divided doses for 20 minutes before eating.The treatment course of 6-8 weeks.
  • nettle leaf, birch leaf (tie).2 tablespoons mixture boil 1.5 cups of boiling water, 1 hour, drain, add 1/2 cup of beet juice.Drink per day in 3-4 divided doses for 20 minutes before eating.The course of treatment 8 weeks.