Herbal Treatment of burns

Burns are painful and can be life-threatening if severe.herbs burns Treatment involves the use of herbs such as aloe arborescens, knot-grass, common oak, St. John's wort, calendula officinalis, white cabbage, red clover, burdock, carrot, plantain, Cucurbita pepo.

Herbal treatment of burns - First Aid

Dip the affected area in cold water and make sure that the water temperature does not rise, you can add ice to it.Keep the burned part in the water until the fever will not go away, so you can avoid the formation of blisters.If the person is burning clothes, you need to grab a blanket or a large piece of fabric (for wet possible) and wrap it around the sufferer.If you are caught fire, in any case, do not run and do not go - immediately falls to the ground and start to skate.Clothing should be removed quickly.Do not try to undress, just tear or cut it from itself.The patient should be moved to a quiet place where burns can be treated.

Treatment of burns with herbs - aloe vera

Apply fresh juice, soa

king gauze bandage and irrigating wounds.

Highlander bird to treat burns

Apply fresh grass in the form of pulp or juice for lotions.

Treatment of burns with the help of an ordinary oak

decoction of the bark is used for washing wounds and lotions.

Herbal treatment of burns - red clover

Make lotions of flowers (23 tablespoons of dried flowers scald with boiling water, wrapped in gauze, applied to the affected area).

Burdock for burns

burns apply a paste of fresh leaves.

treatment of burns using carrot

Apply a grated carrot to the sore spot.

Herbal treatment of burns - plantain

Fresh crushed leaves applied to burns.

Pumpkin for treatment of burns

packs of juice helps with burns.

lotion for burns

Large burns can be treated with the following lotion: Take a teaspoon of goldenseal Canadian, myrrh and boric acid, brew them a pint of boiling water.Let stand for half an hour, drain the fluid clean and treat the burn cotton.This solution soothes and relieves pain and heal even deep burns.

herbal ointment for treating burns

Herbal ointments and liniments are also an excellent tool.Deep burns heal faster if sprinkle it with powder from a mixture of myrrh, goldenseal Canadian, and boric acid.Wild meat sprinkled with burnt alum.

Mint, valerian tea for the treatment of burns with herbs

I will bring tea recipe that stimulates blood circulation and helps in the treatment of burns, Take one teaspoon of powder of valerian, and peppermint.Mix and brew a teaspoon of the mixture a cup of boiling water.Tea relieves pain and soothes the nerves.

Other treatments for burns using herbs

  • for treatment of burns used oil St. John's wort: a tablespoon of herbs, pour a glass of vegetable oil, infuse 14 days, occasionally shaking.
  • for treatment of burns apply ointment calendula (calendula tincture - 1 part, vaseline - part 2).
  • use fresh cabbage leaves as a bandage.