Treatment beriberi herbs

Vitamin deficiency is not enough vitamins in the body.beriberi Herbal treatment gives good results, with the correct selection of herbs.

Treatment beriberi herbs - a list of herbs

Herb Treatment beriberi involves the use of herbs: red bilberry, blueberry bog, Lonicera caerulea, viburnum plain, strawberry field, a cranberry bog, stone bramble rocky, onions winning, onion, raspberry ordinary,carrot, cloudberries, dandelion, mountain ash Siberian, planting salad, black currant, rose.

Lingonberry common herbs for the treatment of beriberi

Cowberry - a small evergreen shrub with erect stem height of 10-30 cm, lives up to 300 years.Blossoms in May - June, fruits ripen in August - September.The berries are sweetish, pleasantly refreshing, and although a little taste bitter, the taste is very good.Better Quality cranberries, which grows in the pine forests on dry ground.

With the purpose of treatment they prepare the berries and leaves of the plant.The berries are harvested during their full maturity

.Store and covered them with sugar or bay water - in this way they can be stored for a long time.From many other wild berries cranberries favorably with that for a long time preserved fresh and does not crumple when long haul.The leaves are harvested before flowering in early spring or late fall after harvesting.Leaves collected in the summer, when drying darken and completely lose its medicinal properties.Rip their arms, tugging with branches from the bottom up, sorted and dried in a warm, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

lingonberry Berries and leaves contain sugar, vitamin C and carotene, tannin and pectin, dyes, organic acids, trace elements - manganese, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, volatile, arbutin glycosides and vaktsinin.arbutin glycoside splits the body into sugar, and hydroquinone, which is excreted by the kidneys and splash disinfectant properties.Glycoside vaktsinin berries imparts the characteristic bitter-tart taste, and their acidity - from the presence of citric, malic, and benzoic acid.Benzoic acid in cranberries are very much (0.6-0.8%).Thanks to her, gathered berries for a long time do not spoil as benzoic acid is a strong antiseptic and inhibits the processes of putrefaction and fermentation.

Recipes cranberries for the treatment of beriberi

  • Fruits cranberries - 2 pieces, nettle leaves - 3 pieces, rose hips - 3 pieces.Chopped raw mix well, 4 teaspoons of the mixture to make a glass of boiling water, to insist 3-4 hours, strain and drink a glass 2-3 times a day.All plant cranberries all plants of strawberry (tie).Tablespoon of the mixture pour a glass of water, bring to a boil.In the broth add honey (to taste) and drink a glass of warm 3-4 times a day for colds.
  • In Siberia, in the old days the water to soak cranberries sweetened licorice root and added to her sour milk, chicory or bread crusts.In Ukraine, often with cranberries urinate Antonov apples, which improves its taste, and themselves become sweeter.
  • give another method of cooking soaked cranberries: reddened berries are cleaned of impurities, remove the spoiled fruit, washed thoroughly with boiled ostuzhennoy water, pour into prepared containers (drums, glass jars) and fill pre-made solution of 5-percent concentration of sugar.At 10 kg of pickled berries consumed 7 kg of cranberries, 150 g sugar, and 2.85 liters of water.
  • From times immemorial is very popular in Russia used some water or some water - delicious refreshing and useful vitamin drink made from extracts of berries or fruits.To do this, clean ripe berries filled with cooled boiled water and insist 3-10 days in a cool place.The sweeter the berry, the shorter the delay.Dense cranberry berries would have to insist for a long time, so half of the cranberries tormented in the oven, while the second half gave the juice naturally.All berries are mixed, the water was decanted, sweetened with honey or sugar, add a little vodka (about 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water) and poured into bottles for storage.So it turns out the wonderful healing drink.

Treatment beriberi herbs - blueberry swamp

blueberry bog - shrub up to 100cm with dark green, the bottom bluish oval leaves, deciduous in winter.The flowers are white or pink, small, drooping on short stalks.Fruit - berry blue-gray oval 9- 12 mm in length.Flowers in June - July.The berries ripen in August.With the purpose of treatment using the berries, leaves, young shoots and bark of this plant.

Berries contain 5.6% of sugars, organic acids 1.6%, 0.5% pectin, flavonoids, 0.2% tannin and coloring matter, 25-53 mg% ascorbic acid, 0.25 mg% carotene.In leaves found flavonoids, tannins.In folk medicine blueberries have long been prized as antiscorbutic and protivodizenteriynoe means.Fresh berries are used for the preparation of vitamin drinks, fruit drinks for febrile patients.

Honeysuckle blue for the treatment of beriberi

Lonicera caerulea - low berry shrub up to 1-1.5 m with brownish-gray bark Mochalny, berries resemble blueberries, but usually bitter taste.There are two varieties of honeysuckle honeysuckle Altai - with wide and broad, oval leaves and berries Honeysuckle edible - with narrow leaves almost lanceolate, with acute apex and a narrow sweet berry flavor.Both species bloom in May, the fruits ripen in July.With the purpose of treatment using berries, branches and bark of this plant.Berries sozherzhat to 7.6 mg% ascorbic acid, up to 200 mg anthocyanin% (dark red colorant), 2.37% organic acids, vitamin E, glucose, sucrose, galactose, tannic and pectin.

plant is widely used in folk medicine.Fresh berries - a very effective remedy for hypertension.They are eaten at beriberi, atherosclerosis, gastritis, ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer, liver disease.They stimulate the appetite, are on-scheukrepryayuschimi, laxative and diuretic.

Kalina common when vitamin deficiency

Kalina common - branched shrub 1.5 to 3 m, with brownish-gray bark.Ripe viburnum fresh bitter taste.After freezing they become less bitter.Flowers in June - July, the fruits ripen in August - September.With the purpose of treatment they prepare fruits, flowers, bark and roots of the plant.viburnum Fruits harvested at full maturity period, dried in ovens, kilns at temperature 50-60 ° or outdoors.The flowers are removed intact inflorescences and quickly dried.Viburnum bark is removed in early spring during sap flow.With a knife make a longitudinal and transverse incisions on the branches and alignment, and then the bark is easily removed in the form of pipes or gutters.Pieces of bark dried in the open air or in a dryer at a temperature of 40-45 °, making sure that the tube and the grooves do not fall into one another, as in this case, the raw material deteriorates.

Viburnum fruits contain up to 32% sugar, 3% tannin, 82 mg% ascorbic acid, organic acids, vitamin K, essential oil.The crust contains bitter klikozid viburnin, 4% tannins, 6.5% resin yellow-red.Vitamin tea from the fruit has a tonic and sedative effect (a tablespoon of fruit make a glass of boiling water, to insist 1-2 hours, drain. Drink 1/2 cup 2 times a day).

Strawberry Field

Strawberry field - low plant with trifoliate leaves.White flowers are about 2.5 cm in diameter.Ripe fruit is almost spherical, pink and red on top or on one side, the rest of - the greenish-white, aromatic, sweet.The fruits contain a lot of sugar (mainly glucose) ASKOR beans acid, organic acids, tannins, iron, manganese.The leaves a lot of ascorbic acid.

In folk medicine, fresh berries make for headache, scurvy, fever, as a diaphoretic and dietary means, leaves - as a vitamin agent in the form of tea (a tablespoon of crushed leaves make a glass of boiling water in a porcelain or glass dish, to insist 10-15 minutes,.. drain drink as tea

Onions winning (wild leek) in the treatment of beriberi

Onions winning (wild garlic.) - a perennial bulbous plant with garlic odor with the purpose of treatment using all the above-ground part of the plant, which they prepare before flowering plant contains.essential oil, ascorbic acid, volatile, fiber, and other substances Ramson has a tonic, antiscorbutic, anthelminthic and enhancing intestinal peristalsis action

Carrots in the fight against beriberi

carrot -... a biennial herbaceous plant with the purpose of treatment using the roots of the firstyear of life.Root vegetables contain carotenoids, vitamins, ascorbic acid, sugar, essential oils and fat, trace elements - cobalt, iodine, copper, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other substances.Fresh root vegetables eaten at hypo-and beriberi, anemia, general loss of strength.Fresh dandelion leaves are used to prepare vitamin salads.To remove the bitter taste of dandelion leaves can withstand 30 minutes in salted water.

Treatment beriberi herbs - currants

Blackcurrant - commonly known berry bushes.For therapeutic purposes, they prepare the fruit and leaves of the plant.The fruits of black currant fruits compared to other berry bushes are the most vitamin-rich product.They contain 0.4% of vitamin C, 0.003% carotene, B1 vitamins B2, E, F, and 16% sugar, 4,5 organic acids, pectin and tannins, trace elements - manganese, copper, aluminum, iron, volatile.currant leaves on the content of vitamin C is not inferior to the fruit.

The fruit is collected in a period of full maturity in July - August, interrupting them in the morning after the dew drying, and in the evening.Dried in ovens or dryers.The leaves they prepare in the summer after ripening, picking only the ones that are not damaged or spoiled.Dry in attics or under a shed with good ventilation, laying a thin layer.In medical practice, the fruits of black currant is used as a vitamin remedy.Dried fruits of black currant are part of vitamin fees:

  • fruits of black currant, rose hips (tie).2 teaspoons collection brew 2 cups boiling water, insist hour, strain through cheesecloth, add sugar to taste.Drink 1/2 cup of infusion 3-4 times a day.
  • fruits of black currant - 1 part nettle leaf - 2 parts rose hips - 3 pieces.Tablespoon of the mixture boil two cups of boiling water.Method of preparation and use, as in the previous recipe.
  • very popular black currants and sugar.It is well preserved for a long time vitamins (per 1 kg of sugar 1.5 kg of fruit).

Treatment beriberi rosehip

Rosehip - large shrub with fragrant flowers that resemble a rose.It is named not for nothing: the sharp spines and strong plants can cause serious trouble unwary animal or human.hips contain up to 17% of vitamin C, 12 mg% carotene, vitamin Bx, E, K, P, flavonoids, 18% sugar, 3.7% pectin, 4.5% tannins, organic acids, trace elements - iron, manganesephosphorus, potassium, magnesium, molybdenum, cobalt, chromium, copper, a significant amount of potassium salts.Rosehip - a natural source of vitamins.In winter, when a person lacks vitamins: it becomes sluggish, gets tired quickly, reducing its resistance to colds, especially influenza, to help him come essential multivitamins hips.

efficacy of the wild rose primarily due to the presence in it of ascorbic acid.This vitamin regulates the enzymatic processes in the body, increases the body's resistance to infections, improves the ability to work and stimulates the metabolism.Adult daily requirement for vitamin C is 50 mg, and in great physical stress, it increases to 75-100 mg.The needs of children in ascorbic acid is also significant: up to 7 years - 30-35 mg over 7 years - 50 mg.Signs of deficiency of vitamin C include malaise, decreased resistance to infectious diseases, bleeding gums that swell and become sizuyu color.At a higher degree of bruising beriberi appear on the skin, typically in the region of the popliteal fossa and calf muscles.When vitamin deficiency states clearly expressed need to take vitamin C is much higher than the daily dose amounts.The most good and always accessible means of a dried rose hips are high in vitamin C. Rose hips

they prepare at the end of August - September until frost (frozen fruits lose vitamin C during thawing).Harvested fruits immediately dried in ovens or dryers, spreading a thin layer.Rose hip syrup - official preparation sold medical industry with vitamin C 5 mg in 1 ml.Tablets of the hips - the official drug, standardized on the content of vitamin C - 20 mg in each tablet.

Recipes of traditional medicine on the basis of rose hips to treat beriberi

Rose hips are part of various collections:

  • Rosehips, fruit of black currant (tie).A tablespoon of chopped mixture boil two cups of boiling water, 1 hour, drain, add sugar.Drink 1/2 cup of vitamin tea 3-4 times a day.
  • Rosehips, fruit of mountain ash (tie).2 teaspoons of the mixture boil two cups of boiling water.Method of preparation and use, as in the previous recipe.