How can I make a bundle on short hair |Video lessons

beam - a universal hairstyle that is suitable for any occasion and any style of clothing.

beam on short hair can be collected not only from the medium and long hair, if you try, you can put in the hair and short hair.Here all the details of such a hairstyle

will be described in How to make a bundle on short hair: styling subtleties

You will need:

  • gum;
  • studs;
  • styling (mousse and lacquer);
  • comb;
  • mesh.

Hairstyle beam on short hair with fleece

  1. Wash and pat his head with a towel.To give hair volume, apply mousse to damp hair and dry them with a hairdryer.
  2. hair on the nape assemble in a free tail and secure it with a rubber band.Make fleece through the hair.
  3. to comb the hair into strands separate, they should get 8-9 pieces.Take a lock of and from the ends, fold it into a "washboard", pointing to the base of the tail, and then lock the pin.Similarly, add the remaining strands.As a result, you get a surround beam.Spray hair with lacquer, since no additional fixing hair rapidly acquire it
    s natural form.
  4. Pay particular attention to the strands at the temples, short hairs often knocked out in this zone.To their smooth, use wax or curl curling locks are not obedient, and then gently lay.

How to make a bundle on short hair with the help of flagella

There is another way to make a bundle on short hair.

  1. Divide the hair into two parts, and then the ear lines - even in two.The hair on the right and left side of the screw into bundles, for that twist them together.Tying a tourniquet, fasten the ends of a rubber band.
  2. Pick up on the harness and tie them together.The resulting bundle should resemble the knot laces.
  3. Remove gum and fix the wiring pins.On the beam sides will stick out the hair ends nacheshite them, and then just gently curl or lay.Apply to hair lacquer.

beam on short hair with a tail and shaggy: how to do?

  1. on the nape assemble a smooth tight tail, then divide it in half.Separate the top and secure it with a clip so that it does not interfere.The lower part of the hair strongly nacheshite.The volume, which gives the fleece, will create the illusion of the collected long hair.Then put on the bottom of the mesh strands.Try to pick up the grid so that it will fit the hair color and was not noticeable.
  2. Take the upper part of the hair and remove it with a hairpin, then wrap it around the mesh.To fix the strands using stealth and studs.Spray hair with lacquer and decorate with ribbon, bow, crest or artificial flower.

The original version of the beam on the short hair look in our video:

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