Haircut cap on short hair

Haircut cap fairly simple haircut that is performed "in the same length."Haircut cap on short hair does not require special care, so very popular.

Haircut cap on short hair: advantages and features

This haircut can be considered a universal version of women's hairstyles for short hair.It is suitable for thick hair and thin.Equally well this hairstyle looks and straight hair and curly.Haircut cap on short hair is not suitable only if the hair is too zhestkie.Takaya haircut can hide curls sticking out and make hair more manageable.

Today, this hairstyle is performed not only in its classical form, when the hair is fluffy form a "cap", but in dovolnoavangardnom style.On one side stands one strand of bright tsveta.Na ends of the strand to the ragged effect is treated with a razor.The total mass of hair shave in the form of hats, asymmetric line runs from one side below the middle ear, the frames one eye, and on the other side of the line runs down the strand.Haircut cap on short hair in a style suitable

for those girls who like unusual hairstyles.It is particularly interesting that haircut looks with black hair and blue or bright red strands.

Performing haircuts on short hair caps

To perform haircut separate temporal zone height 5 cm. Each zone is divided longitudinally, combed extreme strand ear and is made oblique or model temple, it depends on the customer's wishes.Running behind the ear vertical border srezom.Uho can be opened completely or half its cover lock of hair.Whichever option is chosen, the contour of the temples should be clear.The next strand of the temporo-lateral shear zone along the already trimmed.The hair at the temples Mills vertically to the temple looked naturally and gracefully.

then the lower part of the occipital separated parting from ear to ear.The hair on the top of the occipital area should pin a hairpin, so they do not interfere.The extreme left strand separated vertical parting, then clamped between the index and middle fingers.Trim the strand should be on the outside of the fingers.This strand will control.Under this strand trimmed the entire lower part of the occipital hair.

Next haircut cap on short hair is done as follows: the parietal area is divided in half vertically parted.Upper occipital area combed for hair growth.To cut the hair of these zones round.Hair length can bytdo upper edge or to the middle ear.To align the strands of the right and left side of the parietal area, the side hair combed to the face and are smoothed.

Haircut cap on short hair will look good only if the shearing lines will be smooth, it needs profilirovatkontsy strands vertically upper occipital and parietal areas.It is desirable milling and trimmed the lower occipital area.Complete tapering bangs haircut, edging lower occipital area can be flat or in the form of teeth.

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