Haircut CARE for short hair

bob haircut is popular for many years, despite the fact that today, hairdressers can offer a woman a huge selection of other more original and stylish haircuts.Bob haircut suitable for short hair, and the hair of medium length.

bob haircut for short hair: Are you fit?

Just want to say that the most successful bob looks perfect on direct thick hair with straight bangs.Although a penalty without a bang and is a stylish version of this hairstyle and bangs if you do not go, you can safely try this variant.Pricheski quads short volosymogut performed, as curly hair, and on the straights.Today masters can offer you square with elongated front strands and short neck, with a square folded up the ends of hair, asymmetrical bob, bob with an oval circuit and other options.

If you are not too long neck and oval face will suit square with an open neck.At the level of the neck hair are cut very short and well documented toe.For this kind of a penalty should have straight hair, slightly wavy hair if you have to stra

ighten them utjuzhkom.Such a penalty is not looked on wavy hair.For curly hair and a narrow face fit bob haircut in the form of a ball.The outer strands of hair in the treated milling scissors, and hairstyle looks dynamic and richly.

also quite populyarnograduirovannoe quads.The structure and scope of such a hairstyle appears due stupenek.Pricheski neat bob short hair in this style suitable for thin hair that are poorly kept formu.Dazhe if you choose the classic bob, you'll be able to afford several types of pilings.The tips of the hair can be stacked with a hair dryer and a round brush inside, outside, can be combed back hair, you can create waves, pin up her hair at the temples, etc.Cara is suitable for most women this is why it is considered a universal hairstyle.

This hairstyle will suit and a business lady and athletic girl and women prefer to dress and make-up classic.For those who like short hair, but who have not yet decided on a boy's haircut is perfect haircut square on the leg.This hairstyle favorably emphasizes the neckline and shoulders.It is especially advantageous looks such a hairdo, if a woman has delicate features.

Types of hairstyles bob short hair

If you have delicate features will suit a square with an open neck, or as it is called a penalty "on the leg."In this case, the square haircut for short volosypridaet additional volume and focuses on the face.Kare on the leg can be done in different ways, on the back of the head hair can be sostrizheny very short, almost shaved, and can be sostrizheny ladder, legs height is also different, longer leg suit older women and very short neck is ideal for a young girl.

short bob, trimmed in a "ball" approach to owners of high cheekbones and sharp chin, such a haircut, framing the face, making features softer, as if smoothing the "rough edges".Mature Women suit graded square up to the chin line or slightly vyshe.Osobenno if thin hair, a bob facilitate stacking and give your hair additional visual volume.Considerable popularity got a haircut bob short volosyvypolnennaya asymmetrically.Such a penalty is suitable for women with large features and angular face shape.Due to the asymmetry of haircut is able to adjust and shape of the face, and large features.

Such a haircut would make female image softer and more feminine.The asymmetrical bob hair distributed on either side of the parting into unequal parts, as a result, one side is longer drugoy.Strizhka bob short hair looks the most successful on the straight hair, although asymmetrical bob looks interesting and wavy.This hairstyle can be done both with a bang, or without it.

How to style your hair bob short haircut

For quads are very easy to care for.For straight hair during styling enough to the hair a little mousse and a round brush to give your hair the desired shape.If you want to make an evening laying try experimenting with parting - it is possible to make oblique or zigzag parting, select it in color or you lakom.Esli brilliant kare without bangs can be applied on the hair gel and slicked it back, and can be applied on the hair mousse and ribpalm to form the hair waves - you get hair in retro style.

If you want to give your hair more volume, screw the strands using irons.Spread the curls with your fingers, as you would like, a little hair combed back, if you have a long oblique fringe can be put on one side, popliteus invisible.Do not give up the hair accessories, they look particularly good on straight hair, clipped under kare.V as accessories for this haircut suit hoops, ribbons, small clips.

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