Diets for weight loss in winter

for weight loss in winter and maintain health, you can rush to the nearest drugstore and buy preventive medications and you can choose the best option - to take care of your inner state with the help of an ancient council of our ancestors' health from the belly. "Here and come to the aid of a diet to lose weight in the winter, which will not only easy to carry severe frosts, but also to get rid of two or three extra kilos.The duration of such a diet - one to two weeks.

essence diets for weight loss in winter

Its main component - complete proteins, which have an amino acid synthesizing immunoglobulins.As a result, the body receives a strong resistance to the "external enemies".In this diet daily diet is necessary to include protein 100 g., Which is easily obtained from meat, eggs, fish, and coffins, soybean and legumes.An important role is played in this case and fats, without which our immune system weakens quickly.Therefore, the winter should be present in the menu, animal fats (lard and butter) a

nd vegetable (olive, sunflower, soybean oil).

Diets for weight loss in winter - recommended products

Important: winter diet does not require fasting, and causes a person to think about their balanced diet.Among winter foods include lean meats, seafood, fish, mushrooms, buckwheat, beans, soy, and dairy products.From fats - vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.Can not do in the winter and no carbs: oatmeal, rye bread, sprouted wheat.

Do not forget about fruit: oranges, lemons, apples, tangerines, bananas and kiwi should be your faithful companions.From drinks are recommended fruit and vegetable and fresh juices, herbal teas, chicory drink.Do not bypass the attention and various condiments: horseradish, mustard, ginger can protect you from various ailments better than tablets.

positive effects of winter weight loss diet

Keeping all of the above tips, you will enrich your body with vegetable fiber.And she, as you know - a great "broom" for the gut.By excluding from the diet pastry and sweet products, you are contributing the most low calorie diet.As you can see, winter diet - a successful combination of business with pleasure.

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