BOB haircut for short hair

bob haircut for many years does not hand over their positions, and remains the most popular hairstyle.Bob haircut for short hair can be beneficial to emphasize the facial features, make it less noticeable flaws, visually increase the volume of hair.

bob haircut for short hair: types

Modern barbers developed many short women's haircuts, which are based on the bean.Today, Bob can be asymmetrical, jagged, rounded.Such a variety of styles allows any woman to choose just one bean that will fit her perfectly tipazhu.Ochen popular bob layers in such a haircut curls at the nape may be shorter than that of the person, and vice versa, the curls of a person - in short.

Types of hairstyles bob short hair for different types of face

those who prefer short hair should pay attention to the bean - the waiter.On the one hand it is a haircut "on the boy," because such a relatively short bob, but if vypolnitetu haircut with bangs or long torn oblique bangs with graduated strand - it will look elegant and very femini

ne.Bob haircut short hair with a round shape is quite interesting, and always attracts the attention of others.This hairstyle is suitable for women with a narrow face.This type of hairstyle is better to do on straight hair, as in this case it will be clearly visible form of hairstyle.

Bob-bob can be performed on a perfectly straight hair and navyuschihsya, each version in its own way beautiful.If bob-bob runs on direct thick hair, it is perfectly frames the face and straight thick fringe emphasizes the eyes.Bob-bob can be square or divided by parting, clear lines of the haircut and look stylish bob hairstyle elegantno.Uglovaya fit girls with a round face, asymmetrical pryadivizualno will adjust facial features, making it already.A short bob can be seen on stars like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham.

If the girl has an oval face, a bob haircut for short hair to be shortened with straight bangs.Bob with a short neck and asymmetrical bangs fit girls with regular features, it is quite open and an unusual hairstyle, which looks quite extravagant, especially if a little "play" with hair color.Apply kontrastnoekolorirovanie or highlight a few bright strands of bangs.

Asymmetrical bob short hair

Today short asymmetrical bob stands out from all the other cuts.That is why this hairstyle so in demand among young women.Bob on dark hair with straight bangs become a classic version of this business strizhki.Pri this bean can be easily transformed into a festive romantic styling is only applied to the hair a little mousse and curl curls.There is also a business style can be attributed short bob with a beveled neck.In such a haircut on the contour and on the forehead is the minimum tapering, chtobyvolosy easier to style.Laying short bob haircut will not take much of your time, but this hairstyle allows women to look stylish and feminine.

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