Emo haircuts and hairstyles for short hair |Video lessons

Emo hairstyle should not be confused with any other hair color black or dark chestnut, individual strands can be painted vrozovy, yellow, blue or red color.Today is a very popular emo hairstyles for short hair.

classic emo haircut for short hair

In the classic version of emo haircut necessarily have black hair, and ideally the basic hair color should be black.Emo hairstyles for short hair look particularly unusual if vypolnyaetsyamelirovanie strands in the face contrasting shades - white, red, pink, etc.Strands may vary in width, but the most profitable in the short hair look painted in a contrasting color or bangs wide strand in the back of the head.

Laying emo hairstyles for short hair

For bangs hairstyle in this special place - it is a mandatory attribute strizhkiemo.Bangs should be sure to hide the eyes, as a rule, it covers half of the face.With short hair looks good torn oblique bangs.Emo hairstyles for short hair can be carried out in different ways, but usually it is a haircut with a short

part of the occipital and long strands of the person, necessarily long bangs and sideburns.Behind short hair whipped, they applied for a strong hold mousse, then "smooth" the hair against the direction of growth, so that the shape of hair becomes "acute".

emo haircuts for short volosys asymmetric and not very long bangs can be laid in the form of a scallop.To do this, you need to comb your hair at the crown forward, the person forms a unique angle.To keep hair in this form is necessary to fix her hair lacquer or gel strong hold.Hair in the style of emo can be asymmetrical, to achieve this effect sleduetkombinirovat smooth and tousled locks.Make it very simple, dostatochnovzbit short hair on the crown, and a person locks smooth and can ruffle the hair all over the head, bang on the contrary utjuzhkom smooth and apply on it a special serum that will give it a silky.

emo hairstyles can not be called trendy or fashionable - it's a lifestyle.It is impossible to make emo hair and put on a business suit.Therefore, before you decide on a hairstyle similar to weigh all "For" and "Against".Of course, this does not mean that emo hairstyles do only those who are directly related to this subculture, but still Emo is a challenge to society, so if the soul you are a revolutionary, emotional and creative, do not accept any framework - emo hairstyle for you!

In this video tutorial, you can see a classic example of a simple emo styling:

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