Perm on Short Hair

Chemistry short hair can make facial features softer, because the curls give femininity.Many women trying to make a perm short hair at home, it is certainly possible, but it's better to do chemistry in the cabin.

Perm on short hair: harm

Even so, you should be aware that any chemical damage hair, since the composition penetrates deep into the hair, changing its structure.Under the influence of chemical and heat and degreased hair thinning.Therefore perm should not be done to the damaged and weakened hair.Permed hair requires particularly careful care.Be sure to use special shampoos, conditioners that contain nutrients that provide nourishing to the hair, moisturizing and softening effect.

How to choose a perm for short hair?

If your hair badly hold the form you will approach Radical perm short volosy.Lokony this chemistry cover the weaker chemical composition, the main action of the composition falls on the hair roots.This chemistry allows you to lift and dry the hair in places where they do not wa

nt to keep the volume.The main disadvantage of this method of curling -effect lost as hair growth, so this wave for those who have hair grows slowly.

It also happens that the hair lacks volume at the ends or is required to visually expand pointed to the bottom face.Then it makes sense to make a perm at the hair tips.Such a decision would be justified for the thin, thin hair, which was cut stage.After such a chemical hair get pomp and keep their shape perfectly and is easy to fit.

Light Chemical for short hair

If you are afraid to spoil hair or they have corrupted, you will approach a light on the chemistry of short hair, which is called biozavivkoy.V of the substance, which is used in this curling, does not include ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, andand thioglycolic acid.These substances are replaced by drugs similar to the hair molecules, so this kind of chemistry is very carefully works on the hair.Biowave gives proof locks, which unlike simple curling look very natural.Today the increasing popularity won the Italian wave with bamboo extract.

If you have a tight healthy hair, willow want a stable curls, look for an acid perm hair.Acid perm hair is kept short to polugoda.Preparat for this curling penetrates into the hair, while he did not disclose the outer scales of the hair, which is why it turns hard curl.This perm contraindicated thin and soft hair, it will stretch them only at the root, and they will not hold the shape, and chemical composition make thin hair lomkimi.Ne necessary to resort to this kind of curling with a sensitive scalp and dry hair.But for oily hair perm such contrary will benefit, as within a few months after it, the hair will not become greasy.

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