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tail hairstyle can be called a universal, high-tail urgent among fashionistas and business women, different harnesses and components that make of the long tails suitable for celebrations and everyday hair styling.Of course, the owners of long hair is not difficult to make a similar hairstyle, but what about those who have short hair? In this case, you can make the invoice tail short hair.

Surface tail with short hair: how to choose

Today you can buy invoice tail is made of natural and artificial hair.Hair in the trim tail can be painted ilizavit.For the tail should be cared for in the same way both for your own hair.If in the process of laying used means for styling, the tail after some time should be washed with shampoo.Especially popular are the tails on the tape, it is securely fastened with pins, clips and tape.

To tail looked like your own hair you need to have a minimum length of 10-15 cm. Togdanakladnoy tail with short hair can be securely fastened, and fastening places to hide tape or pins.F

rom the tail of the applicator can be made harnesses and secure them in a knot.You can perform more sophisticated hairstyle, for example, to braid her hair, and then roll it up and secure with pins.If you have fine hair should not take too massive tail, first a tail would be bad to keep short hair and the hair can break off under his weight, and secondly, always catch the eye fine hair on the top of hairstyles on the background of thick tail.

Hairstyles with patch on the tail short hair

not too thick, medium length tail invoice for short hair is a better choice than a long bushy tail.On thin short hair will look excellent variety of small braids, nicely arranged and fixed at the base.Positioning these braids as you like, and you can easily give them the desired shape during the weaving in strands to insert a thin provoloku.Tak today in fashion hairstyles of two in one, does not necessarily smoothly combed hair to attach to them the tail.

Pretty bold and unusual will look tail intricately laid on top combined with a lush fleece.If you want to make a ponytail, then of course it should be very carefully and smoothly combed hair, fix them gel or varnish well and secure invoice tail wrapped attaching a lock surface-tail.The most important thing when choosing the color of the tail to guess, but if you buy the tail of his natural hair can be dyed in tottsvet, which painted your own hair.

How to put a tail on the invoice short hair look at the video:

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