Long- styling for short hair

to the natural long-term placement of short hair without styling products can not do!Some tools for styling short hair can make difficult and even "dirty", so the approach to the selection of styling, vnimatelno.Takzhe need to remember that any styling is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance, so do not theyabused, otherwise it may affect the health of the hair.

Long-styling for short hair with mousse

Neither styling short volosyne do without modeling and fixing means.For home use a variety of suitable foams and mousses.Many people wonder what is different from the foam mousse, because apparently these two funds are almost identical?It's very simple mousse - a lighter foam and a vehicle perfectly suited to short hair, especially fine hair.These funds are applied to wet hair before you dry them hairdryer.It is important to calculate the number of paving funds, or instead of volume, you can get the effect of dirty hair.Properly applied mousse will help keep the shape of hair to hair and give t

hem extra volume.For short hair enough "balls" foam diameter of about 3 cm.

Long-styling wax with short hair

If your hair is curly, and I want to highlight the hair, styling short volosyne do without the use of wax.Using this tool, we should not forget that the wax is hard and fat drug, although it is very easy to wash off afterwards shampunem.Glavnoe not overdo it otherwise stray hair, and will look greasy.Wax allows you to simulate hair as you like - you can make the head licked, some strands can be put upright, and do curls particularly expressive.Wax is applied to dry hair.The advantage of wax to paint is that it does not make hair monolithic and during the day it is possible to correct and change if desired.For short hair quite literally means that a pea.

Long-styling for short hair with a varnish

Laying short volosyinogda impossible without the use of hair spray.This tool is perhaps the most popular tools for styling.The varnish is applied in the final stage of laying to lock pricheski.Nanosyat a means to dry volosy.Ulozhennye short hair and recorded strong fixation nail can not comb during the day, nail hair will help keep the shape perfectly.

Creams and gels for short hair to long-term placement

If you want to give the hair as much as possible natural, it makes sense to pay attention to the creams.It's quite heavy styling, so they must be used with caution and for short hair is quite enough of this little sredstva.Kremy give hair flexibility and shine, they allow you to simulate the hair and give the hair the desired shape.effect "rastrepannosti" can be created using a hair cream.Creams good smooth curly hair, and they can be applied both on dry and on wet hair.

Laying on short hair with gel, will also look very natural.The gel allows you to create short hair smooth hairstyle or to focus on the individual strands.The gel is well captures the strands and make the hair more stringent, so applying the gel can also create different hairstyles a la vstile artistic mess.The gel is applied to dry hair tolkona.For evening pilings ideal gels with the effect of wet shine or glitter gels.

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