Trash on short hair |Video tutorial

How does trash on short hair?Classic hairstyle thrash course runs for long hair or medium length hair, but as the trash does not imply any framework that a hairstyle can be done on short hair.

Trash on short hair: style features

main criterion by which to distinguish between trash hairstyle from any other is a mixture of bright colors.The colors used are bright and unnatural - pink, blue, yellow, orange, red.Trash on the short hair is often done with the use of colored overhead pryadey.V this hairstyle is always present asymmetry, ragged strands and bouffant.If, after placing a hairstyle your hair look unkempt and nechёsanymi - trash hairstyle success.A characteristic feature of trash hairstyles - long oblique fringe, it also can be torn or asymmetric.

basis trash hairstyles

basis trash hairstyles - this is usually a cascade.You can make a parietal zone on short hair shorter and longer hair below left.Thrash hairstyles, despite their outrageous simple in styling.It is enough to make the fleece, pu

t to one side bangs, slightly fix the hair and now trash short hair is ready!Today, not only locks dyed in bright acid colors, very popular painting in the style of wild animals - leopard spots, tiger stripes or bands in the style a la zebra.For short hair usually, so decorate a long slanting bangs.Bang in such hair can be thick and straight.

Trash short hair with dreadlocks hairstyle

Trash can be performed not only with false locks, but also with dreadlocks.This is an original and fairly new trend hairstyles trash.Multi-colored hair all colors of the rainbow - it is also a trash and a bold style.Sometimes confused with trash hairstyle emo style, especially when the hairstyles chosen two contrasting colors, for example black and red or black and white.To prevent this from happening in the trash hairstyles make better use of multi-colored strands of hair, then there will be no doubt!

Do not think that thrash style is suitable only for teenagers.Young energetic girl and creative types such style is also to face, the more that this hairstyle can be done in a more soothing colors - say white blond and pink strands or basic color black with red streaks.Choosing a hairstyle, it is worth remembering that it is a challenge to society, so that you feel comfortable with the hair, in the shower needs to be bold and creative person, because the trash is not just an unusual haircut - a state of mind!

Example trash hairstyles for short hair in our video tutorial

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