Haircuts for very short hair

Any short female haircut - this is quite a bold move on the part of women.Haircuts for very short hair are not for everyone, since such shearing open face and make more visible flaws.

Haircuts for very short hair: hedgehog

To date, perhaps the most popular haircut for very short haircut hair- it, which are based on all the familiar male haircut "hedgehog."This hairstyle is of course able to radically change the appearance of a woman, and often not in the best strontium.Therefore, the choice of just such cuts should be taken seriously.Haircut "hedgehog" approach vigorous, courageous and independent personages, who, at first, accustomed to shock others with their appearance, and secondly, these women are not used to spending a lot of time styling and hair care.If you belong to those - haircut in the style a la "hedgehog" can really be the best one for you.

Hair length haircut for very short hair in the style of "hedgehog" - about 1 cm and 2 cm in the area of ​​the crown.Preferring a haircut, get ready

for the fact that the choice of hair styling you will not have - hair length of 1-2 cm it is impossible to wind or stab beautiful barrette, even attach a hairpiece such hair will be difficult and it will not look.The main advantage of such cuts, in addition to the fact that they require no ukladki- hair stay healthy due to lack of funds for styling.In such a haircut improves the appearance of hair and their natural growth.This is explained very simply - no curlers, tongs, hot hair dryer, varnishes and mousses and other resources, which gradually degrade the health of hair.

Haircut waiter at a very short hair

Haircuts for very short hair, which are based on well-known waiter hairstyle, fit young girl with delicate features.This hairstyle involves hair length is not so short, as in the "Hedgehog" and, nevertheless, it is a haircut, "the boy" is rather short and creates obrazdevushki teenager.Garzon is perhaps the most simplified version to all kinds of women's haircuts short.This hairstyle as "hedgehog", does not require girls to spend a lot of time styling and hair care.

Despite the simplicity of the execution of such a hairstyle, she looks pretty extravagant, as if to lay the hair in small waves, instead of daring teenage we got her hair in an elegant style businesswoman.That is why the waiter is popular with business lady.In addition to the practicality waiter involves several kinds of packings, therefore it allows a woman to look in a new way applying to this a minimum of effort.Garzon may be smooth, ruffled, curly with bangs or without.

Garzon is ideal for women with a fragile figure, an oval face and delicate features.Often it is this haircut choosing women who prefer a sporty style and leading an active zhizni.Garson can be lifted up, you can comb the hair back, making small curls, if there is fringe, stab her beautiful hairpin.

fit and earthy tones and bright contrasting colors for this hairstyle.Preferring a very short haircut, remember that it will make open face and neck, so it is very important that your skin is well-groomed, while ultra short haircut can really transform you and highlight your strengths!

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