How to prepare soil for roses |Photo plan

Rose wants the same thing and you from it: she wants to grow well and bloom for a long time to please you, but your task - to create her a better starting point.If you succeed, then all the rest is much easier.

Roses, like many other plants, need loose and fertile soil with good air and water permeability.These two indicators are interrelated, although sometimes the pores can be isolated or deadlock.Control of porosity and filtration properties of conduct is not necessary, but we must understand that we will achieve the best results if our soil is structural, ieIt consists of individual lumps or granules, which, when the mutual arrangement and give a porous structure with high permeability.

If you are preparing a common land, such as for a large group, then Take care to advance deep (up to 60cm) digging the entire area, generously enriching it with humus.If you want to plant your first rose, then prepare a good-sized hole and the soil better.

How to prepare soil for roses?

As a rule, in the garden

soil to find the perfect, so prepared planting mix on the basis of that which is.Roses feel better on slightly acidic soils with a pH level of about 6.5.You can check it, but if you prepare the soil mixture is correct, then the pH is close to the optimal value.

best base structure loam soil is recognized (a familiar garden land for most of the suburbs).At two buckets of the loam need to add a bucket of well-rotted manure and peat 2-3 shovels, sand, garden compost and, if possible, a small bunch of chopped straw.Instead of chemical fertilizers recommend to make a glass of ash and bone meal (based on hive 1).Of course, if your soil is mostly sandy, it will have to add clay, and if it is heavy loam, then sand.Create a basic ground-level structured loam, and then follow the recommendations listed above.All components of the landing mixture thoroughly mixed (in mild moistening).The bottom of the prepared landing wells need to loosen the fork, cover with humus (a layer of about 10 cm) and slightly dug, then filled with a mixture prepared landing.

Recommendations gardeners

Remember how hard you got to soil structural properties, so do not go for landing, it does not seal the heavy mulch as granite or marble chips and watering a strong jet from a hose.

always better if planting hole prepared in advance and wait for "newcomers".If you bring the purchased seedlings on the occasion, they will begin to look for a place in the garden and avoid (for various reasons) in the preparation of relief landing pits, always remember that the best starting conditions could not be created for you roses.