Features of growing roses |Photo plan

in growing roses there are no secrets, mysteries and mystical fog, all as other horticultural crops: roses need to know the requirements for sunlight, heat, moisture, and soil and to ensure these needs.And then, this culture - for anyone who wants to take care of it a little bit.

place, the best in all respects

Roses like everything beautiful - like it or not like it - should properly eat and drink, I must soil beneath them loose and have a lot more to do, to at Rose charmsadmire the winter - alas!should they sleep - it is necessary to give them a warm bed;Roses need to love and caress, and gently called to call them.

Roses (like most other garden plants) like sunny places (though exhausting heat - this is too much), they can not grow in dense shade, but the known varieties, delivering penumbra.

Landings need constant air circulation, ventilation is particularly necessary in the conditions of excessive moisture and low in closed places where cold air waves roll.In some cases, the wind is a hazard.

Roses need to be protected from cold and high winds (they injure and even break out the young shoots, causing excision leaves, flowers damage).Spring winds and the soil is very dry up shoots, devoid of foliage.Northeast, the cold and dry winter winds cause a significant drop in temperature, and sweeping away the snow, freezing jeopardize root system plants.

Features growing roses

Roses bad feel close to large trees, whose roots are (in search of food and water) extend far beyond the crown.Planting Rose can be their "easy prey."

roses planted near the walls of the buildings might be overheating (especially on a dark background).Unacceptable conditions when planting summer with roof drains water, and in winter snow falls.Landing in the middle of paved and paved areas can be risky.

Land, where a long rose roses - the worst choice.If you can not find another place, you have to replace the soil is exhausted and can be contaminated with pathogens fungal diseases.

Do not start right away with mixed plantings with other garden plants, they may have different needs.Later, you will pick up the roses and worthy companions.