Morel real - medicinal properties

Morel present - one of the most common fungi.Its medicinal properties have long been known physicians and are used in the treatment.

Morel real - healing properties

Morels true, as most medicinal mushrooms, firming effect on the entire body and increase its immune system.But each of the representatives of the world of flora, there is also a certain specificity, narrower, directed action on a specific organ.Morels are effective in the following cases.

The healing properties of the morel with eye diseases

Morels used for the treatment and prevention of nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts and glaucoma.They contain substances that strengthen the weakened eye muscles, improving nutrition and metabolism in the blood vessels and muscles of the eye.Prolonged use may cleansing and brightening clouded lens of the eye.Preparations morel shows people with intense eyes work, such as those who work with small details, a lot of sitting at the computer or contact with noxious fumes, sparks (welders and

cutters for metal).Medicines from fungi remove eye fatigue, a feeling of "sand presence", weakening and blurred vision.The only disadvantage of taking the drug - its long course of 4-6 months.

Morel present in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Morels are used to enhance appetite, improve the stomach and intestines, detoxification and general cleaning of the body, indigestion, diarrhea and constipation.The course is necessary to drink for people who have long working hours, wrong and not just feeding, often "chewing dry rations", prone to gastro-intestinal diseases genetically.

Morel present - the healing properties of blood diseases

Substances contained in morels, increase blood flow in the blood vessels, thereby purifying it.This is necessary for the treatment of many diseases.After all, thick blood - it is a potential threat of serious diseases such as thrombophlebitis.At any time, the thrombus can cause vascular blockage anywhere - the heart, the brain.We can not, we can assume, therefore, it is important to thin the blood, especially if the person suffers from varicose veins.Even if a person has no problems with the blood and lymph, the use of these fungi will improve his overall health and boost immunity.Along with the drugs morel recommend eating iron-containing foods, such as beef liver, or drinking pomegranate juice.

Morel present - the healing properties of lactation

This is a very important feature, since many lactating women suffer from lack of milk.A lactation are known to abuse the many products and the majority should not be drugs.Therefore, the use of tinctures and special preparations of these fungi - a great solution to the problem.They are completely harmless, but all the same before starting the course of treatment, consult your doctor.It will help you to determine the dosage.Components morel repeatedly reinforce the work of the mammary glands, thus causing a natural increase in the amount of milk a woman.

Morel real - antitoxic healing and antibiotic properties

Morels can be used in inflammatory diseases as antibiotic agents.They are used as a preventive agent against viral diseases, especially during seasonal exacerbations and epidemics.As anti-toxic agent morels should be taken to those who live in cities with a high level of environmental pollution, working in hazardous, such as chemical plants, patients underwent a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.You can use drugs and tinctures of them after undergoing poisoning.Morels improve mood, eliminate the feeling of nausea and dizziness.Good drink away the course of this drug for those who suffer frequent bouts of nausea unfounded who swayed in transport.Morels are considered safe for pregnant women.Some even believe that the acceptance of these products helps to avoid toxicity or weaken its severe forms.Yet before using mushrooms, the expectant mother must be sure to consult with your doctor.Beware also fakes.

Contraindications to the use of medicinal properties of the morel

morel Contraindications to the use for medicinal purposes are:

  • age of 12 years;
  • idiosyncrasy.Subject to all the conditions of use of the side effects were not revealed.

process for the preparation of the morel mushroom

contains gelvellovuyu acid, which when released into the human body can cause quite severe poisoning.Still morel is considered edible.However, before cooking definitely perform special processing.

  • Mushrooms good wash, peel off the cap from the legs, the last throw.Since due to the specific shape of the cap is difficult to clean up the garbage from its convolutions, use a small brush or a rigid brush.
  • Soak the cap for 30 minutes in cold water, drain the water.This binding effect, as in the water after the cooking and soaking "settle" all harmful substances.
  • Boil the fruit in half an hour.
  • Very carefully rinse them in cold water and drain, and then proceed to their preparation.
  • Instead of boiling the mushrooms can be dried in the open air directly under sunlight or in a well ventilated area.

Remember that morels are not intended for long-term storage, they should be used as soon as possible after the harvest!Taste the quality of these mushrooms are very high, they are even considered to be a delicacy.In France, it is one of the most popular mushrooms, it is not surprising that this is where they were grown artificially.If you want to follow the example of the French use their years of experience.

Morel real - looks like?

In appearance similar to a real morel gyromitra esculenta, but even morel cap and contains similar "Smart" and recess has a rounded shape and correct.It consists of legs and an elongated, extended upward cap, height from 3 to 7 cm and a diameter of 3 to 5 cm. The color of the cap may vary depending on the location of the fungus growth and its age from light yellow to brown and gray.The older the mushroom, the darker it becomes.The "head" line as if the whole pitted, in a plurality of convolutions, the grooves, inside it is hollow.Leg height fungus usually from 4 to 6 cm in diameter and up to 3 cm, inside it, as well as a cap, the hollow.

Where morel growing real?

Morel welcomed in Europe, North America and Australia.Mushroom fruiting almost any woods: both deciduous and coniferous mixed.The only condition is that there is more light.Morel - very "shy" fungus likes to hide in paluyu foliage, grass, shrubs, and under the "cuddle" to fallen trees.Sometimes it can be seen along forest paths, particularly for fireplaces and the location of the fires.He grows a very short period of only two months - May and June.If the early spring and hot, it will appear in April.

legs in color can determine the age of the fungus.If the foot is white or beige, mushroom young.The "average" age it turns yellow, and old age gets brown hue.

How to grow your own true morel?

  • collected "in the wild" mushrooms pour a large amount of cold water (it is desirable to use this garden bath or other large container dacha) and leave to stand for 30-40 minutes.
  • Cut each mushroom into several pieces, but not too finely, about 3-5 pieces, depending on size of fungus.
  • Scatter pieces of mushroom in the garden under the apple trees (but not bury!) And carefully pour the water in which had been soaked morels (there were spores of fungi responsible for their reproduction).
  • Fill the space "seeding" ash and gently cover the branches and, if possible, last year's leaves.

A year later, you will be able to harvest his own grown morel.If you can not make the mycelium under the apple trees, it can be built in any other place, for example, in vegetable beds.It is even better, because mushrooms like sunny places.After planting, water the mushroom pieces and fill them with ash and leaves.In autumn be sure to place it distribute the fallen apples as possible, and even desirable, slightly rotten.For this purpose, suitable waste after extracting juice from fruits or any apple cleaning.