White roses for monochrome garden |Photo plan

Red Rose evokes historical memories of the war and the Scarlet Rose White (in vain, long and bloody) and white roses will remind of British heraldry.

logs garden subjects actively discussed the idea of ​​monochrome gardens, not only white.I do not share the desire for monochrome, but I want to help those who stubbornly goes to his goal.No roses, no garden, even white, does not seem complete, simple flowers on a background of foliage conquer tenderness and double - refined form.When you create a monochrome gardens is not possible to play on contrasts and harmony of colors, but white garden has original advantage - the white color fits easily into the landscape of any garden.

When seeming abundance and diversity of modern assortment of good and reliable white roses is not much of a tendency to black spot is well known.Leafing through the catalogs of the largest producers of rose plants, pay attention to the fact that white roses willing to award medals, trophies and titles.So, they are waiting and ready

to worship.Perhaps the desire for the ideal in rozovodstve associated not with a blue and a white rose?

How to choose roses for the garden?

When choosing roses for your songs need to be defined with the basic requirements: if you start from the mass effect of expectations, it is better to turn to roses floribunda;if the story is based on an exquisite flower, then it can not do without chayno- ibridnyh roses.The compositions of shrabov and climbing roses create the impression of volume and added to the story by the additional structural and aesthetic value.

When selecting varieties of roses is your main criterion - a dazzling white (especially at the stage of semi-open bud), the search may be delayed.One of my friends from Dnepropetrovsk, a great connoisseur and lover of roses, MBRyazanov for twenty-five years of persistent search and did not find his ideal.I hope that is not so demanding, and will be able to put up with shades of light blush, cream or pearl - pink.Furthermore, even a pure-white flowers in other summer (and often fall) can "redden", so they react to sun and heat deficit.

White roses for monochrome garden

With an abundance of double flowers (in the array, the curb), you need to consider some more detail.There are important nuances, such as the slow opening of the flower and its decorative effect in the final phase of flowering.If a flower quickly opens and shows unsightly center, then the impression is not expected cleanliness and untidiness.Of course, this garden, not operating, but it is necessary to know what awaits you.According to this requirement is sometimes not fit even the most unpretentious and healthy variety.

always easier to enter in groups monosortnye landscape garden, but the impression of sophistication landing, in my opinion, can only be an extension of the range.How to combine different varieties of roses in a landing?I think that you want to use the size of contrast effects, terry and flower shapes, and certainly take into account the particular habit of plants.This is a fairly complex problem and a force of only those who know well the roses.The collection company Delbard not so many varieties with white flowers, but they allow you to use all the techniques of landscape design.

White roses for vertical gardening

for vertical gardening in Russia is still widely used climbing mutation of the famous floribunda roses Schneewttchen (W KordesSohne, 1958), which gives a fantastic abundance of flowers and can decorate a pergola or fence in any romantic garden.In raw or cool summer unavoidable problem of fungal diseases, but generally they do not have too significant implications.Such beauty deserves attentive care.Supporters of large flowers and classical ancient form is beautiful, modern and healthy varieties and collections of German company Rosen Tantau.Good addition to the assortment pletistyh large-white roses for the garden - variety Blanche Colombe (1995) from the collection of Delbard.Boiling-white flowers all summer classic shape is decorated with high (up to 3 m) shrubs with relatively flexible shoots.

Pure white shraby desirable not only in the white gardens, they can decorate and mixed borders.Among the roses that are present in the Russian market, there is little shrabov 1,2-1,5m height that could be recommended for fans of this range.The main problems that inevitably accompany the known varieties with white flowers - blackspot and deflating bush habit.Shraby requiring support, become too burdensome, it is difficult to imagine, for example, a hedge of bushes crumbling.Lucky find for these purposes can be considered a sort of (Delbard, 1989).This powerful (up to 1.5 m) plant in a series of "Carefree roses" is very resistant to diseases and grows well even in partial shade.Mnogostebelnye bushes grow very quickly and always tidy.Terry flowers nice addition, sometimes a little green in the early stages of dissolution, flowering are resistant and long standing in bouquets.Some features of varieties can be considered as quite sparsely foliage, and the bush with numerous shoots does not look transparent.

excellent replenishment assortment of roses for a white garden consider one of the new products the company Delbard grade Domnque Loseau (2003) with lovely flowers, sparkling white.Low (60 cm) and dense shrubs with many flowers and lovely foliage radiate health.They can be used for decoration of borders, moderate dense hedges.A valuable variety for mixed borders, where the contrasts of shapes and flower sizes are used.

curbs along the tracks traditionally decorate floribunda roses, and the choice is not so great for a white garden, especially if given height restrictions.Bushes over 80cm tall, upright habit especially in linear single-row planting do not provide the desired effect, often want to arrange a second row.Before you carry out this intention, consider a possible consequence: your innocent border fence might look like.As appropriate in your case?After all, if you've got a fence instead of a border, it must bear the functional load.If your goal - still curb along the tracks, not the fence, I advise you to look at the variety Bordure blanche (Delbard, 1997).The optimal scope of exploitation of the variety already indicated in its name, it is part of the popular series curb roses (Les Rosers Bordures).

advantage of the variety in our example is, first and foremost, its height (60-80sm).In addition, spreading shrub with dense branching habit is so attractive that the crown with numerous flowers resembles an umbrella.When you cut away inflorescence losing decorative, the vacant place in the sun takes a track that is already in bud and ready to bloom.Smaller cupped flowers are collected in inflorescence powerful, in which each flower is a place to showcase their competitive advantages.These blossoms look like a complete bouquet.Pay attention to this nuance, too dense inflorescence negate the beauty of flowers and the individual look spot rather than a bouquet.in international competitions Experts estimated the numerous advantages of this lovely rose variety has four awards.

Grade Blanche Cascade (1999).Of pinkish buds slightly larger than a pea appear adorable baby fragrant (about 2.5 cm) in an amount such that they hardly anyone would undertake to count.Numerous petals forming a pretty fluffy outlet in the center of which flaunts a tiny bundle of yellow stamens.Leaves medium-sized, olive green, with strong brilliance, but they can hardly see the white foam of flowers.This creation, strong and healthy, the least like a rose, conquering many lovely flowers and gardens brings to impress not only the purity, but also a holiday.