Mushroom koprinus from drinking

The longer a person consumes alcohol, the more acetaldehyde accumulates in his body and the stronger and more merciless the organism breaks down and the dependence grows stronger. Fungus coprinus is used to treat alcoholism.

Fungus coprinus from drunkenness

It contains a special substance - hydroxycyclopropylglutamine, which was conditionally called a koprin. This is a very strong substance that quickly penetrates the bloodstream, and then into all organs, particularly the liver. When combined with alcohol, koprin gives a powerful reaction, similar to poisoning. First, the skin of the body and face strongly turn red, then turn purple, and eventually get a violet color. Having consumed a "cocktail" of alcohol and hydroxycyclopropylglutamine, it feels the strongest heat, rapid heartbeat. He is noted for severe vomiting, diarrhea, an unquenchable thirst. The pulse is quickening, speech is difficult, the vision falls sharply. This state lasts for several hours, after which it disappears without a tr

ace. Within about 2-3 days after this, with repeated use of alcohol, the effect appears again.

Given such a strong reaction, when treating alcoholism with a white dung be careful. Ideally, such treatment should be carried out under the supervision of an expert in narcology, in extreme cases under the supervision of an ordinary doctor. Before the beginning of the "experiment", the patient is examined to have an accurate idea of ​​the state of his health, so as not to cause severe damage to the body. You can carry out such treatment without the consent of an addicted person. Dosage and the scheme of reception of a powder from a coprinus is described by the attending physician. Usually a certain dose of the drug is taken at intervals of a day or two.

Over time, a sick person not only stops taking alcoholic beverages because of physical intolerance of the latter, but, importantly, he has a psychological barrier. After the course of taking the drug and several "attacks" the human brain "turns on" the natural defensive reaction of the body and is tuned to a negative attitude towards alcohol. Concerning the use of drugs from the koprinusa argue to this day. Some doctors believe that it negatively affects the body. Others argue that the harm that will be caused for several attacks, is incomparable with the destructive effect of the constant use of alcoholic beverages.

In any case, it's up to you and your loved ones. Be sure to consult a doctor and strictly follow all of its recommendations. Pay close attention to the dosage of the powder. Although no deaths have been recorded, too much effect is possible, and it can go right up to hospitalization.

Coprinus fungus - medicinal properties and indications for use

Co-prinus is much more popular in another area - healing. After all, this magic mushroom - the first assistant in the fight against one of the most common and incurable troubles of all ages and peoples - drunkenness. However, I must say, the remedy is quite strong and even cruel. The patient thus experiences very unpleasant sensations. The advantage of a caprine is the low price of its pharmacy option and the possibility of preparing a magic powder on its own. These mushrooms can be found almost everywhere.

Before you understand how this fungus acts in the fight against the "green snake", let's take a look at what the alcoholic addiction is. From the point of view of official medicine, alcoholism is a disease, a kind of substance abuse, characterized by a painful addiction to alcohol( ethyl alcohol), with mental and physical dependence on it, accompanied by the systematic use of alcoholic beverages, despite the negative consequences. This is a terrible disaster and, undoubtedly, a disease that must be treated. Probably, there is not a single person who has never faced this monstrous scourge among his relatives, relatives, friends or just acquaintances.

The destructive effect of alcohol is known to everyone - the internal organs are destroyed and decomposed, primarily the liver, the person ceases to control his actions and gradually loses the human form. After a certain time, he can not live a day without a bottle, loses interest in life, surrounds, narrows his world to the size of a glass, becomes aggressive. In a drunken state, he can not control his actions, which is very dangerous for others, inadequately reacts to what is happening around. Gradually, such a person kills himself and his family. And although many, having sobered up, and "healed", repent of what they have done, swear they will not repeat it again, they lose control once they take the next "dose".

It's useless to hope that a person will abandon an addiction, it's useless, because most alcohol addicts do not recognize themselves as sick, claiming that they can "tie" at any time, which in reality is extremely rare. In most cases, such patients die from strokes, liver disease or accidents. Why is this happening? When you drink alcohol in the body, a new compound is formed - acetaldehyde, which destroys the organs from inside, in particular, the liver and brain. Two of its derivatives - salsolinol and methylsaltolinol - are allegedly involved in the formation of dependence on alcohol.

Application of the fungus fungus from alcoholism - contraindications

Individual intolerance of the drug. This drug can not be used by people with cardiovascular disorders.

Method of preparation of the fungus fungus from drunkenness

Koprinus is used in a dried form, in the form of a powder. The effect of the fungus on drying does not deteriorate, but in the crushed form it is very convenient to add unnaturally to the patient's alcoholism. Since this mushroom is edible and tasty, it is used in boiled and fried form, including for medicinal purposes. Tinctures, you know, do not make sense on it.

The stages of growth of the fungus copepodus

  • The first stage is the squashing of the fungus from the ground, the appearance of a small white ball.
  • The second stage is a sharp pulling of the fungus upward, the growth of a long thin stem and a bell-shaped cap covered with darkish scales.
  • The third stage is darkening, even the blackening of the cap, its falling down, the acquisition of the type of gruel.

In the first 2 stages, which are very difficult to "catch", the mushroom is edible and even very tasty, in taste it resembles young champignons. The fruits of the white dung can be found on trash or manure piles, well-fertilized soils. It is possible that the place of his dwelling is the second reason for ignoring his point of view of cooking. Abundantly fructify these mushrooms in autumn, rarely occur in the summer. Applied in food koprinus in boiled or fried form. Pre-mushrooms are boiled for half an hour.