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Magic forms, rare varieties, monochromatic gardens - all these details are not for beginners, and for enthusiastic fans of roses.If you are not only experienced in their cultivation, but also attentive to the delicate nature of the flower, the rose will reveal you all the secrets of his charm.

Magic flowers form roses

Oh Rose, the miracle of the universe, you are the same in form with the content!But how to understand the unknown law, understand what a flower bud harbors?

The encyclopaedia provides several definitions of the term "form" (Latin orma.), Some of them want to lead: the external shape, external appearance, the object contour, the outward expression of any content, identical in color and cut of clothing (eg., troops form).

Imagine for a moment that the latter definition might apply to roses, but fortunately, nature and modern breeding do not permit.All variety of forms rose flower is placed in an approximate (schematic) classification, which is based on no quantitative characteristics

, and similarity of external outline of the flower with geometric shapes that already involves some proportion.For roses characterized by the following form buds (flowers): conical (cup-shaped), cupped, globular, flat.

The appearance of flower petals creates, therefore, not only their size but also the shape, color and even the texture of individual lobes play an important role.It is these features make the sometimes mediocre form of magic.

cone (cup-shaped) form

cone (cup-shaped) form is created stacking high internal petals and reflects the proportions of the options, when the height of the bud more (or much more) of its diameter at the base.this form is often referred to as classical bud, it is characteristic of Hybrid Tea roses, although it is not uncommon for modern roses of various garden groups.The highest degree of elegance - a tight bud elongated with a pointed top (Lancome, Jardns de Vllandry, Doressence, Madame Delbard, Courtose des Relas et Chateaux).

bud such form many fans pin their expectations about the perfection of the flower, but if all the roses in the garden will be only a form, it can be a boring decision.In addition, these aspirations are not always justified, often perfect conical bud hides are not many petals and blossoms in a free (indefinite) form a flower.Sometimes elegance is maintained even in the loose flower (Satellte, Lancorne).There are large buds gustomahrovye roses that, preserving the aspect ratio of goblet bud and without losing elegance, taking pronounced elongated ovoid shape.