How to grow roses stam

growing standard roses is quite difficult, and most importantly - a long occupation.To grow the seedling quality, it requires a minimum of four years.Despite some difficulties, every enthusiast on their own forces grow proud of their own garden.Of course, we can not vouch for the quality and durability of the trunk, but in any case it will bring you joy.

If some of your grafted roses (certainly not very old) were killed, and by root sprouts in the spring there were strong rootstock, leave the most powerful of them, and the others delete.Under favorable conditions, rosehip escape can grow and catch up to the selected height odrevesnet trunk, but, most likely, your task will be to keep it until next summer.

As stam grow roses?

With the technique budding read from literary sources, work out in the vase life guard with the kidney at any branch of roses.When budding okulirovochnym use a special knife.In early August, budding slide into T-shaped incision on the rootstock two kidneys (with opposite sides,

adjustment intervals of about 3 cm).After 2-3 weeks, check the survival rate of kidneys, and if they are green, the plant has already called okulyangom and you're on the road to success.In winter okulyant Bend, pre-cut it, leaving the above grafted kidney trunk about 10cm, and is easy to nestle the winter.

Pruning roses

spring, after the snow melts and the soil warm, do pruning at a distance of 1 cm from the top of the kidneys and the cut surface is required to seal the well and the usual garden pitch.Used with caution unknown means, they often do not correspond to the declared destination.Bole necessarily flatten and tie in several places to the support if shtamb will be uneven, and later it will appear as a fatal defect.To avoid the risk of kidney germinating protect from drying out strapping of non-woven covering material.It remains the most pleasant operation - the formation of crown.Young shoots pinch out after the 4th sheet, and the first buds are removed.At the end of the summer you will see your shtamb flowering.