Stam kinds of roses |Photo plan

Rosa is always magic, Rose is always a revelation, Rose is always an inspiration and beauty of triumph. Marvelous and rambler, and the srab, And the regal floribunda. Looking into it, for a second You will forever be her slave! But rose on the stem - Abundant blossoming slag - A luxurious bouquet! Nesting there singing birds And, lovely little girls, Chirping sonnet.

What are stamps roses?

Stamp types of roses are not an independent garden group, rather it is a garden technique for spectacular demonstration of the beauty of roses. It is not known what enthusiast and fan of the rose came to pick it up on such a pedestal, but believe that the first stems of roses were grown at the end of the XV century.

The decorative features of this artificially created shape are wide, although the fashion for the roses is very changeable. At one time, the alleys were the main pride of large gardens, and others found such beauty a dull solution. Today, again, no exemplary rosary of the world can do

without stamping roses. In any garden, stamped roses in full glory become the center of attention, and owners of such beauty need to maintain their high decorative status by attentive care. In Russia, the popularity of stem roses grows, and I want to pay attention to some peculiarities of their cultivation.

What are the stamorous roses?

Stamp types of roses are divided according to the height of the stem( from the roots to the place of vaccination, without the crown), which determines the possibilities of their use in horticulture:

miniature stamping( 0.40-0.45 m);

- semi-stamping( 0.7-0.8 m);

- stamping( 0.9-1.1 m);

- weeping( cascading) roses( 1,2-1,7 m).

Miniature roses are often planted on miniature stems, and sometimes compact varieties of ground-cover roses, half-stems roses serve mainly for demonstration of picturesque and abundantly flowering roses of floribunda, and the rose roses, to everyone's delight, represent tea-hybrid roses. Weeping stems are obtained from ground cover and climbing roses, especially spectacular rose cascades.type Rambler.

There are no minor details in the rose rose. The stab should be even, even the magnificent crown does not look on the bent stem. Proceed from the condition that the curvature of the stem is an irremovable defect. The grafted variety must also have certain advantages: it is abundant, long and persistent bloom, have decorative foliage and attractive habit( for example, bushes with straight shoots are out of place on the stem).

With the purchase of a rose flower in our garden centers, unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain detailed information, only an expert on the name of the grafted variety and the quality of the seedling can judge its decorative possibilities. It is better to buy original seedlings of large European companies, which take into account the characteristics of varieties and use special stems.