How to hide the roses in the winter |Photo plan

Some fans rose, fearing damage to the trunk, try to organize a winter without shelter prigibaniya.I know reliably shelter standard roses in the form of houses from a bar with additional insulation, which killed the beautiful and healthy specimens.About shelter issues should have to think when buying shtambovoy roses and remember the commandment: the shorter the bole, the more problems.Miniature stam roses are grown in containers more often in the winter and harvested in the room.If this is not possible, they were added dropwise obliquely with the container in the ground.This option is considered the best, because when stored in basements is difficult to ensure the desired temperature, roses are often ahead of time start to grow and need attention.

How to hide the roses in the winter?

stam roses after pruning autumn nevyzrevshie parts of the shoots should be gradually (in stages) bend, fixing the slope.Young trunks, especially the weeping form, bend down easily, especially if slight tilt toward prigib

aniya was provided during landing.Older specimens, to avoid the risk can be broken lightly and good throw.True, you risk damaging the feeder roots.There

rose with such heavy canopy that is just detach them from the support, they are forgetting the aged themselves to the ground slope.

When the shelter is necessary to remember that, like all other roses, the crown have to provide a small air chamber, a roof over it of loose snow, and shelter - the ability to self-ventilation.Sam shtamb need a little protection against the cold winter wind, and sunburn.

Recommendations gardeners

main mistake that spring is associated with early deadlines trunks rise.Always remember that it is not yet thawed and warmed the soil, the roots can not perform its function of supply of moisture plants.After a harsh winter suffer from drying even nepodnyatye crown, especially that the vaccine, which is available, and the sun and the wind.Odnobokaya Kroon not decorate stam rose, and the defect can not be repaired.With these plants, though with regret, you need to leave.