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These Sanssouci roses piled exactly heaven

the prayers of the people - do not require maintenance!

In our understanding, unpretentious roses - those varieties, care that is reduced to a minimum of effort.This requirement fully meet species roses (wild shiiovniki in our area).Looking at Wild Rose, we go further in their demands: with good winter hardiness want continuity of flowering, better quality and durability of a flower, a wide range of colors and fragrance.These roses have to be sought among the cultivars in the garden roses directories.

Of course, in such broad requirements of the most important advantage is the variety of its total resistance (to diseases, pests).If Rose is not sick, and grows well at the basic level of farming, it can be considered unpretentious.Major European manufacturers rose seedlings are present in our market, emit a series of stable, relatively hardy roses in their catalogs.When selecting varieties we have to take into account the prospects of roses adapt to changi

ng conditions and suboptimal rootstocks for us, and sometimes poor quality seedlings.Often, the amount of these issues calls into question the prospects of even the most deserving and healthy varieties.

What story has a sort of Sanssouci roses?

If together we shall find some statistics on the introduction of certain varieties, the analysis of the results will be difficult, because there is no "pure experiment", such tests often allow to evaluate the quality of seedlings and the experience of the experimenters rather than grades.In our case, where we all - introducer, everyone has the right to express their expert opinion on certain varieties of roses, and the value of our expert opinions determined by objectivity, experience and the size of the collections.

testing the variety is necessary in the same conditions and according to a single program.To this end, large companies are rozovodcheskimi special test sites in different ecological conditions (including in different countries), where the general background of identifying the most hardy and undemanding varieties.Highly regarded certificate ADR (recognized German Rose), the test of this program seek to pass not only the varieties produced by German companies.Conclusions on Russia, it seems, European manufacturers rose seedlings do solely on the basis of consumer demand.Long-term work on the introduction of roses, which carried the main botanical garden in respect of modern garden roses are outdated because rozovodcheskie the company for the last 30-40 years, almost completely upgraded their catalogs.

Test series resistant varieties of different European companies, which are based on my findings, made in western Moscow region (southern exposed slopes, loamy soil with the addition of organic matter, rootstock - R. canna, fathoms high quality, chemical means of prevention and treatment are excluded, the observation periodfor individual classes from 2 to 17 years).These tests make it possible to assess the quality of sorts, rather than seedlings.The theme of the book restricts me in the fullness of our analysis of the entire collection, I hope to present more results of the tests in the next book, "Roses and rose gardens in the suburbs."I am sure that a lot of hardy roses, and in our conditions can create rosaries minimal care, based on the proposals of the major breeding companies in Europe.Most of the varieties that manufacturers seedlings are combined in series according to the principle of sustainability in our conditions confirm these expectations.

Each company calls a series of hardy roses in their own way: De Rgo Rosen (German company W KordesSohne), Cty-lor (German company Rosen Tantau), Les Rosers arn-ente (French company Melland).

What are the varieties of roses Sanssouci?

Series hardy roses Delbard company called Les Sans Souc, which means "carefree roses."It includes six varieties, called Clos leur, which differ in addition, refers to the color of flowers (blanc, rouge, rose, jaune, bcolor, vermlon).Originators believe that roses have a huge advantage - it is very strong and very disease resistant varieties.Not every year, this series is entirely included in the company's corporate directory, through which offered a rose garden centers in Russian.

In these grades, first of all, I want to note the exceptional energy growth.The bushes grow strongly, some shoots are growing simultaneously.Beginners advise to plant a rose Clos leur jaune (1989), you do not have time to look around, she will grow up to 1.5m!The flowers are large, elegant, golden-yellow, fringed with carmine, will entertain until late autumn.Shrubs good foliage, have a wonderful habit and are suitable for hedges.

rose plush white flowers in universal use, suitable for planting in hedges and grows well even in partial shade.It is not only the acquisition of a chain of white gardens.

One of the brightest rose not only in the series Les Sans Souc, but also of our collection - Clos leur vermlon (2005).Strong and deep red-orange color that attracts attention in the garden, but requires care in selecting partners.Semi-double, medium-sized flowers, gathered in bouquets for 7-10 pieces.Foliage is glossy, dark green with a bronze tint, is well combined with bright flowers.