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Ground cover roses come in the private gardens of the urban landscaping in the middle of the last century, they have proven to be effective as a qualitatively new cultivars, meet a number of requirements: rapid and widespread proliferation suppression of weeds;High winter hardiness and disease resistance;lasting decorative and easy care.Success in private gardens can be guaranteed only in case of additional requirements: a permanent decorative bushes and relative compactness.At the end of the last century on the market flooded with offers, not weaken and today, many companies produce new items every year, sometimes in series.

all varieties, from the very first shoot with a length of 6 m and up to the latest compact bushes, is included in shrabov group.In Russia, these roses by function stuck the name "ground cover roses" because, quickly and widely expanding, some of them are literally covered with soil.Although it seems to me that this term is outdated and is not entrenched as the official name of a pa

rticular class of garden roses.An identical name of the plan and the roses are in the catalogs of the largest German companies rozovodcheskih (W KordesSohne and Rosen Tantau).

how to get rid of weeds from the rose?

The catalogs of the French company Melland Star Rose in Russian ground cover roses (like shraby) should be sought among the landscape roses, the last French language called Les Rosers Paysagers, or Mellandecor, but pay attention to the refinement of their appointment.Actually ground cover roses (with creeping stems) are marked with an additional icon labeled "COUNT-solĀ».The French company directories Delbard groundcover type roses a little bit, and can be found in the series Les Rosers Cascades and Les Sauvageons, although the originators often call them roses for arrays.

groundcover roses have many indisputable advantages: they bloom almost continuously and extremely abundant, have good health and high winter hardiness, easy to enter into harmony with the other spaces, and caring for them is reduced to a minimum.

market today offer can satisfy any requirement in color, size, and double flowers, and some cultivars in recent years - even flavor.Consumers do not get tired to put forward new requirements for all breeders.For abundant flowering roses varieties dignity is considered a good cleaning (degree of self-cleaning of the petals after flowering is complete).Some ground cover roses and meet this requirement, dropping withered flowers, but to maintain the cleanliness of landings and extending the bloom faded flowers is better to cut.Perhaps the demand for cleaning services is important for the public spaces and in private gardens cropping faded inflorescences not too much trouble, and accelerate the next wave of flowering.

As ground cover roses are divided?

There is a division of ground cover roses bush height and length of the creeping or drooping shoots, but the achievements of modern breeding blur these boundaries.In the German catalogs is a scheme by which you can submit a habit of the plant, the size of an adult bush, as well as stocking density recommendations arrays.French rose more difficult to systematize this schematic, and the range of the use of certain varieties is much wider.Some cultivars can be used as straight-growing low shraby as floribunda roses, or as a ground cover roses and some varieties, depending on the applied cropping, you can create and colorful (flat or raised) carpets, tidy and low hedges.If you know the characteristics of these roses, you can achieve fantastic decorative in the landscape of any garden and rose garden to create a minimum of maintenance.

Ground cover roses are planted singly and in groups, in flowerbeds and curbs, picturesque compact varieties in containers, vases and Alpine hills.Group planting on the lawn creates colorful free loop carpets.Those who are tired of the monotony sheared lawn and already disillusioned with Moorish can replace them with arrays of ground cover roses do not require annual pruning and difficult winter shelter.For multi-level layout of the garden ground cover roses are happy discovery - no plant can not compete with cascades of roses on a retaining wall.For the rocky hills it is important that the rose came in harmony with the other spaces, so the flowers should be small, but the bushes - compact.The container culture, along with the constant decorative appeal is important habit.Weeping stam roses are the most effective methods of garden art, often show the best advantages of it groundcover cultivars.Roses ground cover types are very diverse and allow for any, even the most fantastic projects and plans.

I think that the colorful carpet of finite size is a desirable fit in any garden, so focus on some practical advice for its creation.

How to create a rose garden?

First of all, you need to decide on the color scheme that will fit harmoniously into the existing landscape.It should be borne in mind that the abundance of dark-red flowers produces a gloomy impression, delicate pink flowers tend to fade quickly, and for the light range is important to slow disclosure of the flower decoration and conservation in the final phase of flowering.Modern range allows you to make the right choice.Carpets create a monotone or combine several varieties, it looks spectacular play on contrasts.

When creating beautiful carpets success will be achieved only when the subject of two major requirements - high quality seedlings and optimum planting density, which (depending on grade) ranges from 1 to 5 seedlings per 1 sq.m. Lunge in such plantings immediately noticeable, we see them from above.In case of insufficient density is difficult to achieve the effect of the carpet, and when thickened landing problems with ventilation of the bushes and difficult care for roses.Contour planting plan often free, if necessary, supported by rigid boundaries pruning, although it is not always possible.In all cases, when you create a landing carpet needs careful preparation of the soil and mulch, at least until such time as the roses will grow themselves, to some extent will not inhibit the activity of the growth of weeds.

Delbard company specializes in other groups of garden roses, her collection shrabov (and, in particular, ground cover roses) is not numerous, but the original.

Blanche Cascade (1999).Scrub up to 80 cm thick with branching, can grow in width and up to a meter, although the shoots on the ground is not the stele.Numerous small fragrant flowers almost harbor tidy bushes.Cultivar is characterized by good health, perseverance and bloom resistance.Small bouquets enchant tenderness and create a cozy atmosphere in any interior.Do not deny yourself this, every adult bush gives you dozens of lovely bouquets.Highly recommend for any garden.

Avalanche Rose (2001).Tirelessly flowering rose with lovely fragrant flowers, painted in a warm mixture of redcurrant and pink.Simple flowers are good the whole flowering period, they are decorated with white "eyes" and elegant bouquets of stamens.The plant, thick and strong, tightly hiding beautiful foliage with a noticeable sheen.Unpretentious and hardy roses is suitable for our climate.

Rose Cascade (2001).Three awards for ground cover varieties - is a great success.The experts could conquer this rose?It attracts even experienced connoisseurs, roses rare resistance rich crimson color, with numerous large flowers elegant shape, a fan-shaped distribution of shoots and a very healthy shiny foliage.Rose in full bloom - it's an amazing sight, it will adorn any garden, but is especially effective where required constant bright spot of color.Most

not high shrabov (Coeur arouche, Pars 2000, Pmprenelle, Sorbet Peche Abrcot, Pur Caprce, Domnque Loseau), discussed above, can be used as ground cover varieties.They commonly grow, creating a spot color or arrays, and bring to your garden special refinement and modern charm.

Pruning groundcover roses

about pruning groundcover roses do not need to worry about, especially during the first 2-3 years.Give this period the roses grow freely, then apply a light pruning.When he noticed that the bushes too thickened, remove the 1-3 year escape, have reduced flowering or poorly located.Sanitary pruning is conducted annually.Ground cover roses winter well under light dry insulation, and many varieties - just under the snow.Avoid airtight shelters, follow the path of ease and once happy to discover how unpretentious and decorative Roses.