How to choose plants for the garden roses

stam roses is better to buy in containers, as they are particularly sensitive to moisture loss.Choose straight trunks with a diameter of at least 1 cm (for weeping forms about 2 cm), with no signs of damage.Crohn's in the sale is to be formed and have several strong branches.In the future, we can achieve uniformity of the crown, if unsuccessful budding (grafting) of the two kidneys.

Some major European nurseries in the three weeping trunks grafted kidney.Do not buy stam roses with a kidney graft - as a rule, can not form an attractive crown.Select any escape from the trunk and crown locate its base, it is the place of budding.If the shoots are only crown of this kidney, the budding other kidney failed.Choose shtamb with two vaccinations, and on opposite sides of the axis of the trunk.Other options will always be worse.

How to choose roses seedlings?

When buying seedlings with closed root system should be based on the following requirements: the height of the container shall be not less than 25 cm, t

he plant should be easily removable and earthen room - be penetrated by roots.There may be occasions when only the day before stam roses are planted in containers, this option ensures some problems.Dry or excessively wet soil, the presence of weeds or moss - signs of poor maintenance.

stam roses with exposed roots at the engraftment require significant attention.Sprouted kidneys, and especially the growing shoots of seedlings with bare roots of the signal quality loss during landing they have to cut.If you do not have experience, it is better to postpone the purchase until the next successful event.

planting standard roses

stam roses are planted in the spring.Seedling from the container is moved into the hole larger than the earth com, and the temporary support is replaced reliable.Remember that in the garden center potted roses are watered every day, so the first 3-4 weeks of watering them often.Pruning is carried out in accordance with the varieties belonging to the group of garden roses.Later, when the roses will grow and become stronger, it is necessary to organize support for the crown, especially drooping and heavy.For these purposes, selling special holders.