Roses Variety Mperatrce Arah |Photo plan

Rose - a flower august persons: kings, kings, empresses.Others have not, others in exile, but in repeated sonorous names: Queen Neertt, mperatrce arah.Now their greatness in these colors.

In June 1974, George Delbar unexpectedly received an invitation to the palace of the Grand Trianon at Versailles to meet with Shahin Farah, is on a visit to France.He appeared in the audience with a huge basket of roses Vvre.Later, George Delbar has described this meeting in his book "The Gardener of the world": "According to the protocol the audience was scheduled for ten minutes ... The conversation lasted nearly half an hour, in a very friendly atmosphere.I was fascinated by the magical tone of voice Shahini. "

During the meeting Shahin Farah suddenly turned to the well-known gardener for help in the development of orchards in Iran.So there was a "contract of the century" on the establishment of horticultural gardens in the six thousand acres in the northeastern part of the country, signed by George Delbarom with

the Iranian government in May 1975.Three million seedlings for 7 years have been planted in the Iranian lands, but the Iranian revolution put an end to this contract.

The story like a fairy tale.Once in the store Parisian florist Henri Delbar accidentally met with Shahin Farah.His attention was attracted by the extraordinary voice: "The woman who owned the voice was unfamiliar to me, but I learned an Iranian accent.

I introduced this mysterious woman who was Shahin Farah.She fondly talked about my father, and I invited her to come to him in Malicorne.Soon the Empress in exile visited our nursery and rosaries.During her visit, we offered to give her the name of one of our roses. "Georges Delbar, more expensive long friendship with Empress Farah, wanted in her honor was named cultivar with a few advantages.

What story has a variety of roses Mperatrce Arah?

In terms unavailability of seedlings and information in Russia among rosarian - the legend went lovers that Delbard company has released a series called "Roses of the Shah."According to rumors, it included six cultivars with unusually large flowers and the divine aroma.No one knew the names of varieties, but the series is linked to the name mperatrce arah (1992).Each of enthusiasts, based only on their own imagination and general (a small) collection, trying to make this series.

Some varieties were in all respects, but the color seemed inappropriate for oriental motifs (Nl Bleu), the other match the size of the flower and the color scheme, but the flavor did not seem divine, but just noticeable (La Marsellase).By all measures came only grade of Grand Steele, but confused by the year of introduction.Saplings of roses companies Delbard now available, our collection of significantly enlarged, and debunked the legend, but I continue to pick up mentally for mperatrce arah retinue of five V varieties.

year became triumphant introduction of the variety, numerous awards and prizes obtained at major competitions (Rome, Geneva, Baden-Baden, Tokyo).In 1995, supported by the success of the title of "Crystal Rose" (Orleans).Elegant white-cream-colored buds expanded gradually, keeping the packing density, a slight bend carmine edges of petals.Due to the high center of the bud, not yet discovered, decorated with tiers of carmine strokes.At deficiency of the sun, these strokes are painted in bright - pink.The elegance of the flower also stresses the lack of contrast with the foliage as the leaves, surprisingly bright.If you add a delicate flavor, numerous shoots height considerably more than a meter, any collector, dreaming about this grade, will lose peace.In mperatrce arah imperial posture, and plan planting these roses is difficult, it does not tolerate the neighbors, she needs only the suite.In addition, caution in the placement and shape of the bush requires, they are vertically oriented and often reach a height of about 1.5 m most successful think try to put a group of 5-7 specimens mperatrce arah in the "suite" environment of dazzling white floribunda rose with a flat. -cup-shaped flowers and ornamental foliage.

varieties of roses Mperatrce Arah in Russia

I think your story will acquire varieties of roses Mperatrce Arah and Russia.Our famous singer Muslim Magomayev was familiar with Shahin Farah, he was presented to her at a reception in Baku, where she arrived on an official visit.Muslim Magometovich later noted that, despite the astonishing beauty "in Shahini - earth charm, warmth and looseness."Soon he received an invitation to Tehran to celebrate the anniversary of the coronation.We know that he spoke at the ceremony on television and Iran, but refused to accept the fee, saying that he was a guest of the Shah.Later, at the Embassy of the USSR he was given an official gift from the Shah, including the clock, the carpet and the box with a nominal inscription.

hope to grow and pass TAMARA SINYAVSKAYA, the widow of the famous singer, a few seedlings mperatrce arah and choose the suite.It is a pity that it is not able to do before, because the beauty warms and gives hope.