Food Chef Pierre Gagnaire |Photo plan

owner and chef of the two restaurants in Paris, as well as restaurants in London and Tokyo, Pierre Gagnaire is one of the founders of the trendy culinary direction - molecular cuisine.

Pierre Gagnaire eyeing to Russia, he has already visited Moscow three times, but believes that open a new restaurant by yourself is impossible.

inflorescence varieties Perre Gagnare (2002) - is ready exquisite bouquet from the florist hands.Small sharp orange buds are revealed in simple pink (with shades) flowers that gradually turn white.The flowers smell bergamot and lily of the valley, and people with a keen sense of smell and can catch a note of ripe watermelon.

Unfortunately, the famous chef just sent me an autograph and a card - an invitation to visit his restaurant in Paris, but I was hoping for a recipe for corporate meals for Russian readers.I understand that this master of culinary masterpieces in our kitchens is not feasible.

chef of kings and gods

Eckart Wtzgmann (2004) - the first of roses Les Grand Ch

es series that glorifies the name of the representative of a foreign cuisine.Henri Delbar could not help but notice the most famous chefs of our time, wearing the title "Chef of the Century".Eckart Vittsigmann, an Austrian by birth, has contributed to the formation of their own food culture in Germany.In 1978 he opened his legendary "Aubergine" in Munich, which soon received the highest ratings for restaurants Mcheln.To achieve this success and maintain it, says Eckart Vittsigmann, had to be up at 5 am already on the market, and 12 at night still in the kitchen.

path has not been easy, but in 1994 received the title of "chef of the century", to him only three chefs in the world have been awarded this title.In New - York Eckart Vittsigmanna named "chef of kings and gods," because his meals were served to many members of the royal families.The list of admirers of his culinary art includes politicians: Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing.

the name Eckart Vittsigmanna named the most important German award in the field of culinary arts.Curiously, it became not only cook winners of this award.Laureate Günter Grass, the Nobel Prize for Literature has received a culinary award for descriptions of dishes and a sense of pleasure from eating.

great skill of the breeder is not inferior to the merits of the great chefs: the perfect addition flower, color purity and excellent cocktail flavors.

English chef at the French patronage

Counts Raymond Blanc, the famous English chef with French roots.His path to happiness was not so simple, he was looking for his vocation in the professions seamstress and nurse tested his talent for drawing, he worked at the plant, but did not feel satisfaction.Then it dawned enlightenment, and he knew where to find his destiny.

decision to become a famous chef, he took in his native French town, and to realize it could in England."A meeting with destiny" took place, as usual, suddenly, when Raymond Blanc beautiful summer evening strolling around the restaurant Le Palas de la Bere in Beza-Saône, where the "boiling flurry of activity."He began a simple janitor, then instead of the sexes already washed the glasses, but constantly dreamed of the time when he would cook.Raymond Blanc says.

In 28 years, he opened his first small restaurant, and has become famous for a year.

Today exquisite cuisine Raymond Blanc has received recognition and introduced in all national and international guides for culinary excellence.

Last of roses series Les Grands Ches - Reymond Blanc (2006) is devoted to this famous cooking.I still do not know the story of the dedication and reviews of Raymond Blanc of the Rose, I hope to learn everything firsthand.I think that the rose corresponds to the motto of the chef: "We are not interested in good - we are interested in the best."Dense pink petals original form luxury cupped flower, smelling tart, shaded with spices, aroma.