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When you see the bud, and as it is disclosed, stiffness and solid, short, hybrid tea, - Then you can understand what the king be, and forced to submit to this charming queen.

What you can use varieties of garden roses?

Gardening group of roses, which is replenished every year, and the exact number is difficult to determine grades, according to the latest data, it has more than 10,000 cultivars.Of course, not all of these varieties are included in the contemporary catalogs breeding companies and nurseries, the list of the most popular has more than a few hundred.Life is not eternal varieties, some of them barely appeared and received recognition from search engines forever disappear.Some masterpieces, won his place in the history of rozovodstva half a century ago, is still multiply the ranks of their fans.In our country, these roses are called hybrid tea, they are obtained by crossing tea roses and remontant.Modern hybrid tea roses are the historical count on the variety La rance, derived in 1867 by

the French breeder Jean Guyot.In most European countries the term "Hybrid Tea Rose" is considered obsolete and is called Roses Grandiflora, though, if you focus only on the size of the flower, this group can be supplemented with numerous varieties shrabov and even modern floribunda roses.This is the most popular group of garden roses in almost every garden has its representatives in a single bush or classic rosary.

idea of ​​perfection in many flower rose lovers due to the impeccable goblet shape Hybrid Tea roses, and the title of the Queen's other garden Group is not disputed, however, is often added to the royal title unflattering epithets (capricious, pampered), which can be challenged.Today, various European companies in Russia offers a wide range of hybrid tea roses, not every variety can grow in central Russia, but a collection of winter-hardy and adaptive cultivars is quite extensive.

Modern roses are appreciated not only refined form double flowers, but also a variety of colors and flavors.In the garden, they are used in single and group plantings, flower beds (geometric and free-circuit), the classic rabatkah, curbs in the stam forms and container culture.

Delbard The company offers a collection of Hybrid Tea roses in their tradition of elegance, purity of form and color.

Grand Mogul (1965).Unpretentious and disease resistant varieties with delicate and fragrant flowers still love roses and experts, and novices, although the company's catalog is no longer included.The flowers are large, white and cream, mostly solitary, on long peduncles robust.Bushes vigorous, usually much higher than a meter.This rose in our family was called "cradle bronzovok", as the most attractive for a variety of beetles.Special harm they cause, because fly in an already open flowers feast stamens.Although the powerful Rose does not like short pruning, it is necessary to promote the substitution of natural bush by young shoots.

Grade Atlas (1966), despite their age, still not gone from the pages of the catalog thanks to a lovely creamy flowers with petals carmine border.Flowers, like the finest porcelain, fragile and elegant look.Such a rose should have in your garden.

La Marsellase (1974).Long ago, when I was just beginning to deal with roses, I met the definition in the literature of this sort as a "giant roses" and began his quest.The variety was found in the Krasnodar region, I expect to see a bush some incredible sizes.Bushes have grown powerful, but not more than a meter.When flowered roses, I understand why they call this rose, her huge flowers, not bushes.Now we have many varieties of flowers and large, but not all of them will exceed 20cm in diameter.Flowering bush La Marsellase looks lush and festive bouquet.Buds usually solitary or collected three pieces, but so many of them that I want everything to be counted and compared with other varieties.What can be noted today experienced eye?Luxury buds ovoid, bright flowers and beautiful velvety background of shiny leaves large, balanced shape of the bush and unpretentiousness in culture - the sum of advantages, which can be taken into account when choosing a red rose for your garden.

Grand Secle (1977).One of the most beautiful roses in our vast collection, she terry, very large (up to 15 cm) soft pink flowers.To be more precise about the color, you can say that this delicate mixture of cream and pink.As the opening of the flower petals are white exterior, cream and pink tint is preserved only in the center, making the flower becomes even softer and more elegant.Big buds with broad petals, opening slowly, charm and grace of proportionality.The aroma, refreshing and strong, mostly pink, although sensitive raspberry, strawberry and apple.This rose can not be confused with other, even more so - to forget.Originators are proud of their card and call it "rose with a capital", it is no accident that they have given it a name ( "The Great Century").Henri Delbara was a large selection of varieties of photos for the cover of his book "Diary of a lover of roses," but he stopped on this rose.Delicate watercolor Fabrice moiré on the card reminds of summer and most beautiful roses - Grand Secle.

One of roses Delbard collection (Chateau dAmbose, 1988) is the historical name of a medieval royal castle Chateau dAmbuaz (Chateau Royal dAmbose), but, according to my observations, rose lovers, at least in Russia, associate it with the name of the Italian genius Leonardo daVinci.Perhaps originators and the name of his consecration rose into account that the historical glory of the French royal castle multiplied Italian genius.I tried to find out the history of the class, but I, unfortunately, did not succeed.I will follow the fate of this rose in Russia and accumulate small stories.

history about the artist and rose

known that King Francis invited the artist to France and gave him a small, charming castle in the city of his residence.King bought three of Leonardo's masterpiece, brought from Italy, including the famous "Mona Lisa".Francis even paid monthly Leonardo da Vinci solid allowance.By underground passage connecting the castles, the king loved to visit the artist and lead the conversation about art.Leonardo da Vinci lived there for three years before his death and was buried in Amboise.Tourists come in droves to the chapel of Saint-Hubert, and take pictures of the tombstone with the name of the great artist.

What can dedicate a rose (even indirectly) the memory of the Italian genius?Only a masterpiece!I understand that I am not the chief expert on roses in the world, but I think I can express my opinion.Rose never reveal all of its beauty and the mystery of a glimpse.If you do not understand each flower separately, Rose collection will become a set of sorts, and cease to interest and you and your guests.Since then, I recorded Chateau dAmbose in the "favorites" for at least the last three years, particularly close watch on her.My admiration for this rose can be expressed in a few words: luxurious, solemn and a little sad ....Recognized experts at prestigious competitions, too, did not escape the attention Chateau dAmbose, it has seven awards.

little distracted by Delbard collection and note the rose, which appeared in the French Melland kennel under the name of the great artist Leonard de Vnc (1994).This rose also corresponds to his great name.The popularity of it today is undeniable, it is included in the catalogs of the world's largest commercial nurseries, magazines adorn the garden theme and has many enthusiastic fans.Secret connection times.

varieties of garden roses.Allelua (1980) forms a huge, massive flowers, doing the whole 30 th petals.Velvety red rose with silver "lining" and a beautiful glossy foliage is a wonderful exhibition variety, but in our case, unfortunately, sometimes shows a tendency to black spot.

Satellte (1982).In this rich harvest of roses (seven!) Awards at the most prestigious competitions.Very strong, red-orange, almost burn-out as a flower aging.Dense petals form a lush blossoms classical form, pleasing flowering duration.

Rose, released on the 50th anniversary of the company, named Madame Delbard (1985) in honor of the wife of the founder.Delbar George married Mary Tevenen in 1938.Always in the shade, a modest and restrained, she has made a generous contribution to the success of her husband.Henry writes about Delbar rose, turning to his mother: "Like you, she is delightfully beautiful and has all the advantages of the past.Perhaps it is not the most flavorful, but it compensates for the perfect color, and it is a very long time in a vase!This rose represents the work of a lifetime your husband deeply connected with you, and now split your sons. "In creating a rose hybridizer participated talented André Chabert, a follower of "the prince of color", the French breeder Charles Mallrepa.The purity of the color, up to the subsidence of petals, noted by many experts.Velvety flowers of deep red colors retain their beauty and the sun and the rain.

Chateau de Versalles (1986).Red and silver colors create a "striking contrast. The elegant pointed bud opens in a cupped flower, which with astonishing accuracy, layer upon layer of stacked multiple petals. Flowers solitary, with thick petals are good in the garden and in the bouquet. Wonderful variety for the exhibition, butand in the garden of thick vertical growth bushes with luxurious flowers attract attention.

Rance Lbre (1990) is stored at a glance thanks to the mixing bright colors. When a flower falling sun rays, paint shimmer, and it seems illuminated from the inside. a very strong effect!Petals are not many, but they are solid and long derzhat- form. These bright colors can create a garden a powerful color blocks, but in mixed planting other varieties they are administered with caution.

Rose Jardns de Vllandry (1995) symbolizes the castle gardens of the RenaissanceVillandry in France. the famous gardens of the castle open to visitors, and those who drop out of their good fortune to visit, will be able to learn the hybrid tea rose by the largest flowers in the rose garden.The flowers are really very large (often more than 15 cm in diameter), double, well shaped and very fragrant.Dissolve such large flowers of elegant pointed buds.Due to the dense texture petals flowers stand on a bush in a vase.Bushes extremely powerful, although there is some proportionality flowers.The plant gives a lot of strong shoots, but do not get too sprawling.The height of the bush, if desired, can be adjusted not only spring, but the summer pruning.

«Eternal Beauty" in recent years is necessary to make room, fashion dictates new forms, more natural and relaxed.One of the innovations of recent years, Belle du Segneur (2001) can be seen as a challenge.This lovely Rose does not show the splendor of the classic bud, but it is charming in his youth and naturalness.

Henri Delbar created sort Hommage a Barbara (2004), commissioned by the Association «Perlmpnpn-Vagaga" in memory of the actress, which rose accompanied throughout their creative life.Lovers and connoisseurs of roses who have seen this rose for the first time, a long time are impressed by its originality.What may surprise an experienced lover of red rose today?Magic flower shape attracts the eye, and the memory does not find analogies.Petals hard and gracefully drape center of the flower, it seems that they protect the secret of its prototype.Rose bewitched and experts pas international competitions, in the year of issue sort received three awards.The flowers are medium-sized, deep red color, with a touch of black velvet, and play light golden highlights on the back of the petals.Leafy shrubs are good in themselves, healthy foliage gives the plant more youthful appearance.Any planting this rose is gorgeous, including perennials.This is a rose plant in your garden or at least once to see.

Under the name Malcorne Delbard company has already been released in 1986 rose with dark orange flowers, also known as synonymous with Beverly Hlls.Today, it is not in the catalog may not live up to the expectations of the breeders for such a meaningful name (the birthplace of Georges Delbara nurseries and companies) or the name will be the challenge prize, for which we should fight.Will there again this rose in the directory under a different name, you can check the official name of the variety (letter code, which is published after the trade name).If you meet a variety with a letter code (delmator), you should know that for some time it was sold under the name (trade name) Malcorne.This name, in my opinion, should be of a rose, reflecting the tradition of originality inherent in the entire company selection, and worthy to be her trademark.Rose, which is Malcorne name since 2006, can be regarded as an original in all respects, except for the smell.In describing the varieties of flavor, you can not even be taken into account, it is very easy.Cupped medium-sized (up to 7cm) flowers attract color and form.The color is deep and velvety, blood-red, which is already on the way to brown.The flowers are cup-shaped, with the petals of different sizes, which makes the opening of a flower modern style and charm.