Roses Variety Olivier Rolin

Young graduate chemical engineer, after the tragic accident, stay for several weeks in a coma and a long rehabilitation period, felt "like a boat anchor."At the end of this dark period of cooking it was "an ideal way to express the incredible good fortune to be alive."

What story immet grade roses Olivier Rollenzhe?

worked in the kitchens of many restaurants in Paris (including at Guy Savoy), Olivier Rollenzhe returned to his hometown of Saint-Malo on the Brittany peninsula.Today, his three-star restaurant is world-famous, and the chef has earned a reputation as "Breton alchemist."

Olivier Rollenzhe opened a small restaurant in the house in 1982, where he was born, and began with "a simple fisherman's kitchen."Sam the chef thinks his kitchen personally and deeply connected with the history of Saint-Malo, the views of men on this earth are always glued to the open sea.How to cook the XV century waiting for ships with spices, and today, in search of new flavors, he travels across continents and hunt f

or new "co-;krovischi ".Its establishment collected a spice museum, where he spends his "alchemical experiments."In his work, he relies on the iodinated taste of seafood and spicy fragrance: "In my seafood spices are used as punctuation spelling.I do not hesitate, I imagine the recipe as a painting where the lines and colors tell the story of the voyage or sleep.Then do all clear how the ship. "

have Olver Roellnger Rose (2002) the same "parents", and that sort Guy Savoy (2001), but was the result of crossing a completely different look.Large flowers in gentle tones different natural refinement, the smell of fruit and underbrush.Energy growth and disease resistance of the varieties in the garden create a harmonious 'fraternal' Union.

Mr. Olivier Rollenzhe shared with me the memories of history dating from Henri Delbarom and opened the Russian fans of roses and gourmet secret of making one of the specialties.Meet the famous rosarian held tasting apples, "he and I, we had a lot in common and became friends.He always appreciated my culinary talents.A few years later, he gave me one of his creations. "When asked how he perceives his rose, the famous chef said rather poetically: "Delicate aroma of rose reminds me of the smell of spices brought by the wind from the west to the Atlantic, and its color is reminiscent of the sunset in the bay of Saint-Malo.In the house of my childhood in the pirate hut of the XV century, you can see the sea cuisine based on vegetables and spices, and to learn about sea adventures, about the history of Brittany, especially the "sea town" of Saint-Malo.I wish success to you and all, in love with life!We are looking forward to seeing you in our House Brikura ".

offer our readers a dish from Olivier Rollin same only for Russian gourmets.

Lavrov (sea bass) with sauce, with the scent of roses

for 4 people 1 laurels weighing 1.5 kg, boned and cut into 4 pieces, a clay dish with a lid or a pot to extinguish, lemon juice.Cooking meals

Pink petals infuse it in a special container for 15 minutes.The dish to preheat.Put pieces of sea bass, add 8 tablespoons spoonfuls of sauce, lemon juice and rose petals.Bake in oven for 10-15 minutes.Before serving, add the rose water.You can decorate with beans and rose petals.

Sauce (prepared in advance)

0.5l of grapeseed oil, zest of half an orange, 4 handfuls of fragrant rose petals or 2 handfuls of dried petals, 1 teaspoon rose water, 2 leaves, galangal, 2 tablespoons coriander2 tablespoons cumin, 4 cm cinnamon 1 tip of saffron, 3 cloves of golden garlic, 2 tablespoons of black pepper.Sauce Preparation

oil heated to 80 ° C, pour over the rest of the ingredients, close tightly and leave for a week.Note

Rose petals can be used only in cooking if not handled rose chemicals.