Roses for a French garden |Photo plan

We Admire the gardens of our ancestors often, so, as if their own eyes could see.That grandfather rose to resurrect our dreams, and we are ready for them, even now at the end of the earth.

Following modern fashion, the company Delbard brings us back to the roses, which pleased ancestors beautiful double flowers and the divine aroma.Originators are confident that these luxurious rose match the tradition, sensuality and spirit of the French garden.

Where are the origins of these symbols and traditions?

Without going into rozovodstva story, I note that the nostalgic charm of modern roses bears the signs of the form and the forgotten flavors of Damascus (Madame Hardy) and Portland (Jaques Carter, Madame Boll) roses, tsetifolnyh (antn Latour) and moss (Blanche Moreau) nuazetovyh (Marechal Nel) and Bourbon (Souvenr de la Malmason, Louse Oder).This is just stingy list of masterpieces of the past.Having survived centuries of oblivion, the old roses are experiencing a real boom today.Hence, sometimes there

are misunderstandings, since some fans roses terms "Rose Park" and "winter-hardy roses" are synonymous.We say: "Rose Park", and mean each his own.Modern interest in the so-called park roses (so far) is connected not so much with species roses as a romantic beautiful and fragrant old roses.Our market for foreign manufacturers rose seedlings is very attractive, because it is very capacious, and the buyer is too venturesome and confiding.With the increased demand for sales organizations ready to call any rose park.

confusion that has arisen largely because of our desire to have the roses, which are rose hips, would themselves have grown and spent the winter, and for decoration is not inferior to most beautiful roses of the past centuries.This combination in its entirety, is not likely to occur.

What should be the rose garden to the French?

Long-term work on the introduction of roses held in the Main Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and the results are an invaluable factual material.In respect of old roses, these works have not lost their relevance, although it should be noted that the landscaping recommendations included in the first place, public areas, and not private gardens.Despite the fact that most of the old roses are too bulky for our climate and frosted to the ground without a reliable shelter in central Russia, are subject to fungal diseases, and have broad prospects in gardening, some gambling love roses gels connect their ideas about the beautiful roses is tomost of them are thermophilic.

Some varieties attracted attention not only beautiful flowers and fragrance, but also historical names.So, gentle Bourbon rose Souvenr de la Malmason (Beluze, 1843) associated with the Empress Josephine and her famous garden Malmaison Castle.There is a legend that the Empress Josephine herself gave the name of the rose, giving a flower to the Russian Tsar Alexander with the words "in memory of Malmezons".Chronology of events refutes this legend, yet it is a balm for the soul of a collector.

Roses of the past centuries are undeniable merits, but from the standpoint of modern plant breeding can not be ignored and disadvantages, especially in Russia.The most unpretentious of old roses, I think the group Portland.

Unfortunately, there is no public gardens in Russia, where it was possible to see, for example, an extensive collection of not only today, but also the old roses or species, and to create and maintain private collections of roses too hard.One can only hope for the revival of the richest collections of GBS and the creation of the rose gardens in other regions of Russia.

New varieties of roses

to feel the romance of bygone centuries, today, it is not necessary to go through such a difficult - as you know, all the best from the past often returns to a qualitatively new level.In the second half of the last century English breeder David Austin for the first time embodied the charm of old roses in the new varieties, they created dozens of cultivars, which, according to experts, have combined the advantages of the historical and modern varieties.David Austin's English Roses, a sensation of the XX century and the whole epoch in the history of rozovodstva gave rise to nostalgic sentiment and a boom not only in terms of old roses, but also on the "English type of flower."Peace had lost not only the lovers of roses, but also well-known breeders.In recent years, many companies develop breeding direction, started by David Austin, and released cultivars, in appearance resembling vintage roses.Through the efforts of breeders followers expanded opportunities "in the English style flower": colors become more varied, the V in any garden group (from miniature to large-pletistyh) offers a wide selection, there are many hardy varieties.

It seems to me that the fashion for a romantic image of flower too long brewing, and a change of priorities, but a wave of imitations is not weakened, catalogs filled with offers.In Europe, this fascination can be attributed to a wave of nostalgia in Russia, however, it is rather good familiarity with the appearance of old roses on the example of modern cultivars.

French company Melland Star Rose offers a wide range of varieties under the name "Rose Romance".As a rule, romantic roses have large, fragrant, gustomahrovye (up to 100-140 petals), cupped flowers in dissolution.

Which breeding roses Delbard worthy of their ancestors?

Dames de Chenonceau (2002).Chateau de Chenonceau in France linked to the history of the royal dynasty and known as "the castle of the king's daughters."This unique architectural ensemble of the Renaissance can decorate the most lovely roses at that time, and rose Dames de Chenonceau would easily fit into the rosary passed times, and today is reminiscent of the historical past.The flowers of this rose confirm that elegance and sophistication is not unique goblet buds, cup-shaped flowers with numerous petals attract the eye with warm shades of pink and apricot with hints of orange.The smell is strong and memorable, including a complex bouquet of flavors (orange, anise, dill, daffodil, leaves, fruits, leather).Thick bushes of medium size decorated with flowers are not only numerous, but also beautiful leaves.Highly recommend.

Souvenr de Marcel Proust (1993) draws colored flowers, and finally conquers his scent.Smaller cupped flowers with numerous petals are striking in brightness and saturation of golden-yellow color.The smell is very strong, in a complex bouquet of aromas dominated by melissa.Advantages of variety and flavor confirmed six awards at the largest test sites around the world.Bushes are medium in size (about 80 cm), leaves as many varieties with yellow color of flowers, pretty light.In this class, I note two features: slow growth and very dense wood.Like all slow-growing varieties of the first two years Souvenr de Marcel Proust needs only light pruning and dense wood, as a rule, - a guarantee of high winter hardiness.

Chatreuse de Parme (1996) is a rare color, which originators are very poetic comparison: «Chatreuse de Parme with flowers like an abyss, as if made of amethyst very mature."As in the previous grade, it is striking not only color, but also the flavor.Although there is a bouquet of aromas and balm, but other notes (tangerine, hyacinth, lilac, mango and lychee) make it more tender.In the garden, a rose is particularly impressive look at the background of yellow roses, in particular, the previous grade.Some features sredneroslye (80-90 cm) shrubs think they are too sprawling and rigid form, shoots markedly deviate from the vertical growth, making the bushes look a bit sparse.Consider this feature in the planning of planting, I think that this rose - not for the foreground.

Madame Bovary (2001) - rose, which is worth paying attention to.Large gustomahrovye cupped flowers in polurospuske mysterious drape your center of inner petals, revealing a surprisingly graceful bundle of bare yellow stamens.The fragrant flowers are also attracted by the novelty of color - a mix of muted pink "and lilac shades.Why originators named cultivar name of the heroine of Flaubert?I think that the "spikes dangerous hostility" shoots so abundantly covered with sharp spines of different shapes that give some kind of wildly as modern rose.Do not be afraid of thorns, this rose a lot of advantages!Powerful (1.2m), healthy and very decorative variety, versatile in use is suitable even for hedges.

Roses for a French garden.Madame garo (2000) - Rose, which has such a unique charm that can serve as a model of femininity.Origipatory believe that Rose is the epitome of a woman of any age.Marie-Claire Pauwels, founder and chief editor of the magazine chose her garo of "thousands of roses of all kinds of color."Easy, but a gentle scent of anise, rose and lemon intriguing.Each flower is a fairly long stalks, making the inflorescence look graceful bouquet.Madame garo in the competition of the Club fans Delbara Rose won the nomination "The most delicate rose."

Comtesse de Segur (1994).The first thing to note in the rose - it is not even beautiful flowers, bushes and beautiful, they are so densely leafy beautiful foliage that is good and without flowers.Numerous flexible shoots originate from the base of the bush and form the habit of luxury.Flowers are many and well distributed across the crown.The structure of the flower bloom provides a remarkable resilience and has some special features.The outer 3-4 rows of petals are laid in neat rows, and the center as though later was packed tight by hand thick lobes, and some of them, achieving a thick terry, had to rumple.The flowers are beautiful from bud to full fading.Add a wonderful sweet scent with notes of the first garden scents (rose, strawberry, raspberry and apricot), and we get a rose, beautiful in all respects.Grade universal use, even suitable for hedges.

Soeur Emmanuelle (2004) - Class I, named after the sister Emmanuelle, a nun known for his charity work.Flowers dense purple color fade over time, but does not lose its appeal, and seem decorated with gray.Aroma strong, recognizable with notes of herbs (anise, fennel, basil, lavender).Shrubs strong, uniform crown.Delicate petals can suffer during heavy rains.

Sant-Exupery (2003).Fans of roses with experience can remember the variety, released under that name in 1961, it was tested in Chavnom Botanical Garden, recognized as winter-hardy and resistant to disease.Gustomahrovye (60 petals) flowers of enormous size (up to 14 cm), a beautiful classic addition and rare color (pink-purple with a silvery sheen) immediately attracted the attention not only to collectors of "blue roses", but also experts in international competition in Paris (goldmedal, 960).This rose is also known under the synonym Waltz Tme, indicating the spread of geography.After 30 years the company has offered this sort of "with improved qualities."But originators improved grade drastically: from dense pointed buds develop beautiful flowers with a complex and bizarre arrangement of petals.Intense pink color, which is to be called crimson, like many fans and such roses in the garden attract attention, but for a spectacular demonstration of flowers with active color need a good background of foliage.Originator succeeded, thick bushes with wonderful foliage and beautiful flowers look elegant.Fans of fragrant roses can feel pure, with no additives, rose fragrance.Highly recommended, even for beginners so Rose will not cause problems.This rose is part of a collection called Les Souvenrs damour (Memory of Love), and is dedicated to Antoine de Saint-Exupery, military pilot and writer-humanist.Giving the name for the second class in its collection, originators emphasize that this is the name to remember.

In this story there was a great continuation of the company Delbard released a new variety by the name of Le pett Prnce, which was launched in May 2008.Judging by the deadline, it is timed to the 65th anniversary of the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery's "Little Prince".This "little prince", surprisingly, similar to the first version of the Sant-Ehiregu (1961), only the flowers are not as large and small bushes.Chances are, like most of the blue roses, this novelty fragrant.

This rose is named after the French continuous news channel and I see some symbolism in this.The variety has an unusually bright golden-yellow color and bloom - astonishing resistance.Large flowers with numerous short petals have a rather flat shape, but it is charming, an additional amount of flower petals attached to serrated edge and a light dusting on the edges of the petals carmine looks soft blush.This rose is a joyful color has one undeniable advantage: it has a very strong and complex flavor (mandarin, bergamot, mint, black currant, mango, cinnamon).Rose harmonic in any crop on its background look great even variety of complex and rich color (purple, violet).

Souvenr de Lous Amade (1996), although it does not differ thick terry peculiar romantic roses, but rightfully occupies a place in the series.Cupped petals of large flowers of long-plates conceal its center, and then expose a beam of golden stamens.Pinkish-purple flowers are fragrant aroma, one of the most interesting in its intensity and persistence.Beautiful flowers cold shades smell anise and tarragon.Sort unpretentious, suitable even for beginners.

Julette Greco (1999).Gentle cupped flowers smell like anise and grapefruit, with notes of tarragon.The yellow center with a complex and dense petals laying in a frame of yellow-cream soft petals attached to the charm of flowers.Shrubs of medium size, with numerous and relatively flexible shoots, diverging from the base of the bush.Large light green, brilliant and numerous, leaves are the perfect backdrop to showcase the delicate flower colors.